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Get Lost In The Contagious Melodies Of “Young” By Sea Of Tranquility

Sea of Tranquility is an alternative pop band from Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina.

Formed in late 2018 by Worth Fitts and Chandler Martin, their debut EP "Into the Deep" was released in January 2019. In June, they released an upbeat follow-up single, "Young." Featuring everything from driving guitars to heavy synths, Sea of Tranquility offers a refreshing new sound. 

The upbeat and atmospheric track “Young” boasts everything an Indie Pop song should. A track that’s lighthearted and made for rolling down all the windows and singing your heart out or simply dancing the night away. The catchy riff and contagious melody are guaranteed to be stuck in your head. “Young” is the perfect blend of catchy guitars, precise drums, and show-stopping sounds to blow you away.

With a tightly wound rhythm section and waves of echoing guitar and vocals, the band blends different styles of alternative music with a very ambient pop feel to create something new and interesting. Putting out a very atmospheric sound with an interwoven rock element, the four-piece brings a very energetic and captivating set.

This track is so enthusiastic and uplifting it makes me feel like I’m in a movie, falling in love. “Young” is a refreshing and awakening single that can get anyone out of their seat. Sea Of Tranquility knows what their fans want to hear and delivers it in the most explosive way.

Check out “Young” here and read more below in our exclusive interview!

Hey guys! Can you tell us more about how you met and how you created the name Sea Of Tranquility?

Chandler: We actually met through a job that I had. I was working at a coffee and craft beer shop that Worth and his wife came into every Monday night. They came in every week for a few months, and we slowly became friends and had a lot of the same interests. We would talk about music and life until one day Worth looked at me and said, “You’re supposed to be the lead singer of my band.” 

Worth: The name Sea of Tranquility came to me along with the ideas for our debut EP “Into The Deep.” Though it refers to a lunar mare on the moon, I felt it matched the water theme for the EP. It also makes me think of just a calm place, which is where we want our music to take you.

In what ways do your different personalities coming together influence your music?

Chandler: Our personalities are similar in a lot of ways. We have a lot of the same interests and similar stories. But we also both have different gifts and strengths. When creating music has taken us on a lot of journeys because no song has ended up where we originally thought it would be. Instead, we have used our personal strengths, stories, and gifts to influence our sound and lyrics. 

Worth: We’re both super optimistic people, so I think that tends to come out in our songs. We’re also very motivated, so we’re constantly challenging each other to make each song better than the last. Anytime we’ve stepped back and listened to each other’s ideas, the song benefits from it.

Can you tell us more about the meaning behind “Young”?

Chandler: “Young” is a song about memories in high school. It’s simply about thinking back to the young dumb things we did as kids. I hope when people hear the lyrics, they can remember those days, whether they are currently in high school or in their 40s. It’s also about the fact that we all are growing up and time is always moving, but we never forget our youth.

Who are your top three musical influences? How have they inspired you?

Chandler: The 1975 has had a huge impact on us because of their unique sound. When you hear one of their songs, you know it’s a 1975 song. This has inspired us to create our own sound and to be different/unique. The band Lany really uses amazing synth sounds and has a very modern pop style of music. We also use a lot of synth sounds and have a lot of pop roots. 

Worth: Wild Nothing is also a huge inspiration. I’m a big fan of the ’80s-sounding synths and the way he incorporates the guitars in as well. It’s also cool to see how his songwriting has progressed so much. We’re always trying to move forward in our songwriting and not stay in the same place.

What’s next for Sea Of Tranquility?

Chandler: We are currently recording our next EP that really showcases who we are and has a similar sound to our single “Young.” We are also in the process shooting music videos for two of our upcoming songs. We are playing more and more shows and are excited to see where music takes us. 


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