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Get Lost In The Explosive Fusion Of Genres In Akashic’s “Burning Down”

Residing in Orlando, Florida, Akashic is an electronic music producer and independent artist. He’s known for his ability to fuse dubstep and progressive house music seamlessly. Akashic currently attends Icon Collective, a music production school that has graduated notable artist such as Kayzo, Jauz, Slander, NGHTMARE, Protohype, and many more. Producing his own music for 3 years, Akashic’s two newest releases titled “Alive With You” and “Burning Down” are a stride towards music production that comes from within the heart and soul. Let his ambient and unique stylings take you through the motions.


Using inspiration from the heart, Akashic explodes into the music scene with one of his newest releases “Burning Down”. The ambient vibe and calming feeling in the beginning is only preparing you for the absolute soundscape and journey this track will take you on. The arrangement of backbeats and powerful synths sent a shockwave of goosebumps through my whole body. When the heavy dubstep beat drops within “Burning Down” I was taken a step back. Hearing these genres fused together so effortlessly is a  ground breaking experience. Akashic’s ear for the incredible is unmatched. My favorite lyric repeated throughout “Burning Down” is, “Someone save me, set me free”. It’s a pleading anthem for those of us who feel trapped within our own bodies. I think Akashic wants his listeners to interpret his music however they can relate and that admirable. I can honestly say this track is being adding to my personal playlist for summer 2019 and I highly recommend you do the same! This single and many others are available on all major streaming platforms. Stay on the lookout for Akashic, electronic music producer extraordinaire.

Listen to "Burning Down" here and get to know more about Akashic below!

We love your sound! Where does the name Akashic come from?

Akashic comes from the term Akashic records. The google definition says the Akashic records are a compendium of all human events, thoughts, words, emotions, and intent ever to have occurred in the past, present, or future. They are believed by theosophists to be encoded in a non-physical plane of existence known as the etheric plane. So the belief is that through deep meditation we can access the Akashic Records and psychic abilities and premonitions are possible because the medium is accessing this etheric plane. Spirituality inspires me and this is one aspect of it that fascinates me and something I want to know more about. When I write music, sometimes it comes to me out of nowhere, I feel it or hear it in my mind and soul I always wonder if it's coming from something higher, this etheric plane or something.

How did you come up with the idea to fuse dubstep and progressive house?

It just developed over a long period of time. My roots go back to indie rock and post punk music. Over time it developed into post-rock/shoegaze, ambient/electronic, electronic indie rock, and now this. I have two sides of me, an ambient chill side, and a heavy bass distortion side. I wanted to blend the two together and create something unique. I love dubstep music but I didn't want to just be a dubstep artist. My voice is much more than that. I love listening to ambient, trance, and progressive house as well so I needed to express that side also. It's not really something I aim for. It's just what comes out of me and then I try to categorize it so people can better understand it. So the closest thing I could come up with is a fusion of dubstep and progressive house.

What challenges have you faced as an up and coming artist? How do you overcome these challenges?

The biggest challenge I face is just getting my music heard. I've done a lot of independent marketing and I've started to grow a small following but I'm ambitious and competitive so I want to grow it much more. My next step is to release a single on a label for more exposure.

Do you also perform the vocals on your tracks?

The two releases I have called "Alive With You" and "Burning Down" are from a vocalist named Holly Drummond. She has a beautiful voice and I've been following her for a long time, but for future tracks I'm going to be singing on them. In previous bands I was a back up singer and just recently I've become more comfortable with my voice. So I plan to be singing myself on future releases. My next release called "Cake" I'll be singing on along with a rapper.

Are your two newest releases leading up to a full EP?

They are going to stay as singles and won't be included in an EP but I plan to be releasing a full EP around fall of this year. I've already begun producing some of the songs and they're sounding super sick already. I'm really stoked to continue working on it and release it one day. I believe it will set a wave through the scene and allow me to really establish my voice.


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