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Get Lost in the Thoughts of Sed’Trieaun

Reigning supreme from Flint, Michigan, Sed’Trieaun picked up on his musical side at an early age courtesy of his grandfather. Falling in love with the Motown sound, wanting to be a Temptation was his first musical dream. Sed’Trieaun sees his musical aptitudes as both a gift and a curse; since he learned to rap from an abusive stepfather who is no longer in his life. After the abusive years, Sed'Trieaun and his mother moved to the South for a chance at new opportunities. As we fast forward to today, Sed’Trieaun allows his music to speak for itself.

With what started as a mixtape released in 2012 on Datpiff, Sed’Trieaun released the first installment of his 'Lost Thoughts,' project. Entirely created from the ground up by his diverse creative techniques, Sed’Trieaun brought a certain primitiveness to the sounds reconnoitered.

Now, bringing life to his latest album and direct follow up to the 2012 mixtape, Sed’Trieaun returns with 'Lost Thoughts II.' Using 9 songs to capture his listener’s attention, he exposes the cognizant thinking that lurks in the depths of his mind in a lyrical manner.

We are open to a variety of dimensions that transition through the traits of buoyant and ominous as we comprehend the place these thoughts reside. Fitting into the undeviating schemes released by Sed’Trieaun, the vast narratives embarked are virtuously unfiltered.

“LT2 Intro” and “The Shades (freestyle),” embody a cavernous essence that seeps into the molding of the instrumentation. Intricate with his rhyme schemes, Sed’Trieaun leaves us navigating through his own mind as he emanates a hunger in his tonal distinction bared.

The emotions that are divulged remain raw and authentic as we see the vulnerability in a cognizant offering of intimate lyrics exposing the depth that comprise the layers of his inner being. Recruiting the talents of Btmvle Jotta and J-Link to enhance the desired resonance heard on “Chasing Victories,” “The Shades (freestyle),” and “Windy City,” our speakers are amplified off of the dynamism exuded in the lyrical dexterity shed. Slick cadences acclimatize the Southern resonance that is effortlessly radiated in a medley of ominous tenors that allows us to feel the pain and angst Sed’Trieaun displays.

Being open with the words he casts out has us addicted to his mind-altering approach through his musicality. “Wind Surf,” shakes up the essence of 'Lost Thoughts II,' as optimism is disbursed through the witty quips situated in this record. Golden saxophone notes in the instrumentation have us grasping on to the warm and buoyant spirit simmering in this uplifting realm, all while being forward with the chronicle being placed into the queue.

Through the sonic roller coaster of this album, each song is filled to the brim with magnetism. We’re thrilled to see the self-assured swagger of Sed’Trieaun illuminate tracks such as “This Way,” “My 6,” and “2020Vision.” Encapsulating the braggadocious flair that leaves us entirely occupied in the undeniable allure Sed’Trieaun portrays, the series of instrumentations that vary in fortitude heightens our senses with the unapologetic persona that Sed’Trieaun effortlessly exudes.

Confident with the way his lyrics punch, Sed’Trieaun bobs and weaves through his buttery cadences as his prevailing tone sets the pace for all to come after him. “Windy City” and “Wile E. Coyote,” endure a raw emotion exposed in the authenticity growling from Sed’Trieaun. Tumbling into his bulbous delivery of ubiquitous wordplay, the energy of Sed’Trieaun runs through these records vivaciously. You can’t help but fixate on the textured distortion that increases the intensity of the message being put forth in the turbulent waves of the final two songs on 'Lost Thoughts II.' Skulking in the sensation that hails from lived experiences, the mesmerizing tenors issued in the full essence of 'Lost Thoughts II,' has us intrigued with anticipation formulated in the underlying message of each song in succession.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic, Sed’Trieau, and congratulations on the release of your 'Lost Thoughts II,' album. With the variety of emotions explored through this project, could you please take us into the concept behind the vulnerability shed through the nine songs heard? Thank you, happy to be back! You guys are like family. The concept behind the project is, that we all have problems. I like to speak in metaphors in my music. Simple as put, we all go through hell...we just got different devils! Do you happen to have a favorite song from the project? What is the meaning behind it?

I cycle through favorites, but right now I’d say “chasing victories”. When I wrote that hook, I was in a dark place. I wondered if people around could see past the “he’s a rapper” thing, and realize I have my own internal struggles with doubt and confidence. As a new dad, how can I make a sustainable life for my daughter, and is music the way. The hook exemplifies an often occurring thought process. How have you grown as an artist from the 2012 release of 'Lost Thoughts,' to the present-day release of 'Lost Thoughts II?'

Immensely, the first release was just me finding a studio after writing music to a YouTube beat. This time around it’s for the money! I’m certified in music production now, so I approach music from a technical-scientific standpoint. I was young back then with no music knowledge. If I go back with the information and techniques learned today, I would be in a different place. I couldn’t even record my voice back then lol. Everything is done in-house now!

Being the mastermind behind the full album. Could you please share a glimpse of what the creative process looked like when structuring the songs heard?

I make a bunch of beats all the time, but I focused and made 50 beats like a year ago. Then narrowed those to 20, and I went from there. Once I got past the production phase, I write a little something to each beat in order to not get burnt out by one. I repeat this process until I have 16s written out!

What does 'Lost Thoughts II' say about you as an artist and individual?

Even though the jaded lenses of personal struggles Imma force to be reckoned with. You can achieve goals when you put the time in. If I’m just now putting out this quality of fresh as I am from learning, just imagine in 5 years. This is only the beginning of my musical journey.

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