Get Lost in the Vivid World of Stephan Nance

There are some artists who manage to blow our minds and Stephan Nance is one of them. The Piano-Pop style that Stephan uses is not one to miss, their use of storytelling takes us to all of the places they have been to and it is a vivid ride. This is especially true in their latest release “Why Snow White”, its got that emotionally ambiguous and sort of hypnotic vibe that keeps us mesmerized throughout the whole song. It’s easy to tell that Stephan Nance is here to create music with a curative property, likewise with “Why Snow White” where the music feels like it is glistening with purpose and genuine honesty. Stephan’s travels across the Asias takes influence in their music, this allows for dynamic experiences to take place that will leave Stephans music imprinted in your mind. Stephan now plans to continue working on their new upcoming album and a new single that will be out this November. Mark it on your calendars, this will definitely be something you will not want to miss.

Discover Stephan’s art "Why Snow White" here.