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Get Lost in the Warm Melodies Behind Petric's Latest Anthem, "All Who Wander"

The Country music trio performing under cognomen Petric, and their particular stratagem for empowering Southern-drawl garnished croons, hook a little more profound during the Coronavirus age.

The method they established on last year's radio hit "Single Problem", and "Something To Do With You" hasn't redirected much. The songs radiate seemingly intoxicating top-lines that diffuse pure poignancy after swooning listeners with immediately adhesive melodies, infatuating coos joined by soulful slide guitars and their notoriously healthy landing choruses, which has landed Manitoba brothers Jason and Tom Petric and longtime friend Jordan Day over twelve million streams to date. 

Petric's latest single "All Who Wander" comes off their anticipated album 'Flashbacks,' set for release in early 2021, and cues to the choreography of that same codex, even more so than the leading song of 2020, "Déjà Vu."

It buzzes with the forward-thrusting approval of an artist like Dallas Smith, super-charging the gaps between the harmonious uproaring choruses with gentle carillons of tender electric guitars, unifying vocal inflections, and irresistible lyrics. The song is about the overwhelming disquietude of the world's current status, as much as it is a love-song verified with an empowering "chin up for better times ahead" message at its core.

When asked about the latest single, the Country trio affirmed, "it's got such a beautiful and inspiring message, which is why we've always kept coming back to it. We knew now was the time to share this message with the world."

In the verses, Petric is soft-centered, embracing the cherubic nature concerning the inspiring atmosphere they've created, and as they ooze magnetic infatuation with every country-hued sonic outburst, the declaration that though you may not know your way, you are not misplaced. 

Even while the world is running deranged Petric understands that their listeners' spirits need a dose of dopamine-infused top-lines; and they deliver it, singing, "All who wander are not lost!" 

What was the story behind "All Who Wander," and why was this a single that spent five years on the shelf before you decided it was time to release it? We first heard “All Who Wander’ when we're recording our first EP. We instantly fell in love with the song. The message, the melodies, the feel, everything about the song connected with us instantly. At the time, Lady A had the song on hold. We never forgot about the song and circled back to it when we started recording 'Flashbacks.' The song was available, so we recorded it.

What were some of the emotions you found yourselves tapping into for your performances you've captured on "All Who Wander?" This song is our lives. In the past 10 years, we’ve all been chasing the dream of making it in the music industry. This journey has taken us all over the world. We’ve had many amazing moments throughout our careers, but there have also been some days that have been tough. “All Who Wander" is a reminder to embrace the journey, and don’t let it get you down on the days you feel lost. How do the sentiments you've highlighted in "All Who Wander" fit into the narrative behind your upcoming LP, 'Flashbacks'?

This is a tough question to answer because I’m not sure if every song we’ve recorded on this album fits into the 'Flashbacks' narrative. The album names stem from one of the lyrics in our song “Déjà Vu”. When we were rolling through names for the album, that title stood out in a big way. A lot of our songs have a nostalgic feel to it, and lyrics. When we write, we're are usually reminiscing a moment, or feeling that we have experienced. So it was quite easy for us to get behind the name 'Flashbacks'. All Who Wander is most definitely a song about being present and in the moment. One of the best things about putting together a large body of music, is we have the opportunity to write and record multiple different types of songs.

If you could give listeners a few words that would act as a Prologue for the experience behind "All Who Wander," and your upcoming Album set to drop in early 2021, what would you say, and why? On both this song and our album, I think our listeners are going to get to discover a whole new depth to Petric. There is defiantly a maturity to the lyrical element behind all the songs that ended up making it onto the album. The production and quality of each and every song went to the next level, with help from our awesome team. This album started in November 2018. The amount of growth we’ve personally experienced as a band in this period, we really hope our listeners can hear it in our music. What has been keeping you inspired this year?  Flashbacks have been our number one source of inspiration for the past few months. This is our baby, this is Petric. With the current pandemic crippling the music industry, we’ve been pouring all our engird into this album, marketing it, creating content to go with the album, and finally having something we can share with our fans.

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