Get Lost In "Top Boy Dre" From Drega and Young John Q

Young John Q is a Toronto based Hip-Hop artist who’s music is bits of catchy and bits of the streets all driven into one record. Since starting his career, Young John Q has gained over 1.6 million views on Facebook, collaborated with Resflo, Teej, and Raygee, and continues to push the boundaries of what he is capable of. Recently, Young John Q released a high energy single "Top Boy Dre" with artist Drega and it is full of characterful attitude. When "Top Boy Dre" begins, you’ll feel like you’re deep in a jungle, lost in mystery before the drums and vocal begin to deliver an incredibly tight rap performance that flips gear and suddenly drops you into the streets of downtown Toronto at 3 am.

We found ourselves bopping along to the intricate lyricism about trying to run a city despite not having any weight behind your name. This record features ethnic woodwind instruments that give a flavorful mystery vibe to the tune, an intense high energy electronic drum rhythms that complement the flow, and an incredibly powerful bold and honest rap performance between Drega and Young John Q. This record has a deep but flavorful modern city vibe to it and it's a definite track you want on your quarantine and chill playlist.