Get Lost In Your Emotions With Joe Cardigan's New Single "Yea You Right"

A descendant from a land that created blues and hip hop icons, Joe Cardigan is a rising figure from the Chicago music scene whom released his newest illuminating, pastel like, and neon feeling single titled "Yea You Right" which is a song that fits into his specific lyricism categories of love, heartbreak, lust and unbridled passion. It demonstrates his ability to connect with his audience through the usage of emotion. What’s really special about this song is Joe’s voice. He has a very classic, timeless, high pitch tone that floats beautifully on top of his endorphin releasing backtracks. It’s a sound that immediately catches the ear and makes you attentive to the music. His voice was my favorite thing about this track alongside the dream-like music. It’s a song that I can really sit and get lost in, and that’s my favorite type of music. What I also enjoyed from this song was its ability to have me repeating the lyrics and melody in my head. I feel like every great song has that affect to get glued to your mind where you can’t stop humming or singing. Another interesting component of this all is the fact that Joe relates emotionally to the lyrics he sings! He fell prey to the worst kind of heartbreak and described himself as an “anguished” teen. A heartbreak is something mentally and emotionally detrimental and Joe Cardigan uses that to his advantage to create such a fulfilling song that can trigger those emotions in a content way. If you ever want to just lay down, turn on your emotions and reflect on everything you’re feeling through the usage of hearing art then ‘Yea You Right’ will be that single for you and Joe Cardigan is that artist to look out for.

Listen to "Yea You Right" here.

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