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Get Lost with Suza's Sultry Tone in Recent Single Release, "My Moon and My Sun"

New Zealand's captivating artist, Suza, hits the music industry hard with her articulate and drawn-out musical expressions. As a music artist who stays true to her creativity realm, Suza has never been afraid to showcase her true artistic (and personal) self. Immediately receiving authentic energy from Suza, listeners will come to realize that her music holds a certain kind of value.

Without even being able to visualize Suza, her vocals alone will garner respect and adoration, which ultimately drew our attraction to her. Not being wary of showing vulnerability, Suza is an open-book type of artist that emphasizes transparency, along with explorative creativity.

A glamorous feel instantly fills the air with Suza's latest song release, "My Moon and My Sun." She hones in on melodies that feel intricate and otherworldly, allowing the ambiance to feel like a buzzing energy source. This is precisely held during the entirety of the duration of the track, establishing the perfect mystical environment that Suza's vocals easily feed off of. Suza's approach to her music is incredibly passion-driven, and you can feel this quality of passion emulate off of her throughout "My Moon and My Sun."

The track's narrative follows along with lost love and the realities that come along with such a reality. The song ultimately feels transformative, and combined with the buzzing feel the track consistently had; the product becomes effortlessly flavourful. When it comes down to it, Suza understands her artistry level and exploits it in the best ways possible, allowing her to bring savory collections to her listening base.

As a music artist who's still emerging into the music scene, how do you feel you've integrated your sound thus far?

I think I've created a sound that is unique but not so unique that it is unrelatable and irrelevant to this generation and to the general listeners.

"My Moon and My Sun" was incredibly captivating, predominantly stemming from the allurement present within your vocal sound. How would you describe the way you go about honing in on the alluring aspect of your voice? What's the strategy behind the recording process of your singles?

Thank you for your kind words! It's not something I put on or a sound I try to achieve. My co-producer said he hardly touched the vocals when it came to mixing and mastering because he liked them as they were.

The only thing I have to say when it comes to strategy is that it's incredibly important for me that there is passion in the words that I sing and that I'm fully present and aware when my vocals are being recorded opposed to just going through the motions of the song, there's no power in that, and I can tell the difference personally.

Are there any genres you're interested in exploring further down the road as a music artist? Would you say that future music may possibly include a versatile mix of genre styles?

Currently, my songs are falling under the same genre with slight differences (some are darker, some are more chill, and some a bit more intense and upbeat), but overall they sound like they belong together. I'm always open to trying new things and giving another genre a go, but currently, I'm trying to establish a solid sound overall.

Compared to other music you've released, how do you feel that "My Moon and My Sun" ultimately compare? Do you feel that the creation of "My Moon and My Sun" challenged your artistry?

"My Moon and My Sun" is my first release. I wouldn't say it challenged me when it came to writing the song because I write songs within minutes sometimes (it's bizarre). Still, it did challenge me musically (thinking about the sound and feel I wanted it to have), and I am proud of it, but I'm ready to challenge myself further.

What has been keeping you inspired in 2020?

My inspiration during 2020 has come from not being caught up in the whirlwind of life and from being forced to stop and to think, to create, to see, to feel, to become aware of what's around me, to become aware of the people in my life and to be aware of myself and what life is really about.


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