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"Get Out", MachGang's Latest Banger Will Shake You

MachGang is a 19-year-old from Chandler, Arizona. He’s new to the music industry with only one release currently out right now. He grew up initially with the passion for becoming an NBA player and played basketball all the way up to his senior year of high school. He is now currently attending Arizona State University studying Electrical Engineering and plans on pursuing that after college. MachGang only pursues his music in his free-time right now, but don't be mistaken, he has no plans at slowing down.

Be prepared to get blown away by a banging hit record. This new smashing song from MachGang goes by the name of “Get Out” and this is a BANGER. The energy was exhilarating with a hype trap sound that gets its listener in the mood to turn up. The production of the beat was on point and had us head banging with the sonic speed tempo of the bass. The flow and delivery was delivered with a staccato like, clean-slated, and energetic projection. The lyrics were flawless. The tough lyricism possessed substantial meaning while still flexing on its listener. It’s been a while since I’ve heard an invigorating hit like “Get Out” that had full ferocity with the aggression and arrangement of the song as a whole.

Listen to "Get Out" here and get to know more about MachGang in our interview below!

Welcome MachGang! Knowing you’re a rookie in the game, how has the journey been for you so far?

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to do this, but the journey has been pretty mellow, as I only made one song and I wanted to see how good it could do there wasn't any pressure on me, and I was working on my own schedule to release the song and finish it so no release pressure either. I had the opportunity to release the song when i was ready and when i released the song I have just been trying to spread it everywhere and its been getting some really good feedback.

Do you have any inspirations or influences for your music? If so who and why?

I do have quite a bit of influences and inspirations for my music. The first ones being all my other rapper friends like Jnorm and his friend Dbangz, King Tut King Shad, and Mando. All these people were and are still making noise and gaining more traction than I thought posssible. So i started thinking I have nothing to lose by trying. The next influncers are the big time famous ones like lil mosey, nle choppa, and youngboy who were all my aged but i liked their flows and style and learned from them and also added my own style.

How would you describe your music? We loved the sound of “Get Out” ! could we be expecting more of that?

I would describe my music as trap rap, but its unique to the point where its the only song that i know of that meets the trap hypeness without me mumbling or flexing money,sex, violence or drugs. Its truly authentic everything I talked about had a real world meaning or explanation behind. There will probably be one or two more songs released after this song that you could expect and if they do big numbers an album.

What was the most challenging aspect in the creation process of “Get Out” and how did you overcome this?

I the number one issue for me in creating this song was creating the song lol, because i'm not a rapper at all, I mean i certainly listen to a lot of it but I was an athlete growing up and only did sports this was my geuine first attempt at anything musical. And I can personally tell you I have no gift in this lol, I put some much time into trying to make the lyrics make sense and flow and I can't freestyle. But I overcame it by just doing it over and over and moving lyrics and seeing what sounded the best to me and it turned out pretty good.

What’s next for you MachGang?

Next for MachGang is just being patient and waiting i'll be working on the next song and pushing "Get Out" everywhere and hoping it can get really big.


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