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Get Reacquainted with Fancy J London

From the suburbs of Boston Massachusetts is where we find out next Spotlight Artist: Fancy J London. Fancy focuses her creative attention on composing original melodies that set her apart from other artists who, too often blend into each other's sound. Her commitment to originality is drawn from transcribing personal experiences and wisdom into her songwriting.

To keep her sound invigorated, Fancy collaborates with several different artists and producers worldwide to infuse multiple perspectives into her music. Through this collaboration, Fancy has found it rewarding to see all the hard work a collaboration entails transform into an unforgettable piece of art. Her ability to take on challenging, lyrical subject matter and set it to a joyful melody is an example of Fancy's quest to experiment with subject and sound; which was exquisitely achieved on her latest release "Forever."

For Fancy, songwriting can happen in the spur of a moment, when a thought enters her subconscious, no matter the time of day, Fancy is jumping for a pen and paper, never ignoring her instincts of an untapped thought. Her love of carefully crafting lyrics is done with the hopes in uplifting and comforting listeners who can relate with her music. We cannot wait for you to tap into Fancy J London.

Discover "Forever" here.



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