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Get Ready For An Multi-Dimensional, Ambient Dance Hit! nÜ nÜ Featuring Molly Aspinall In “Antidote”

The combination of bombatic drums and synth sounds of hard-hitting EDM genres with the sensibility and stylings of modern pop music existing seems to be imaginary correct? Incorrect! Once we introduce you to nÜ nÜ, who is nÜ nÜ? It’s the project created by music producer Cody Taylor who birthed it from a desire to collaborate with multiple different artists from various backgrounds. He was seeking to expand his musical horizon.

One of nÜ nÜ’s latest releases “Antidote” seemed to be too good to be true! The atmospheric production that’s equipped with outerworldly elements and a hazy yet eclectic dance vibe that caters to the EDM roots , lifts its listener up, and carries them through the song while the poignant vocals by artist Molly Aspinall adds the icing to the cake. Her soft-like, breathy, and sensual vocal tone complements the entire energy of “Antidote” to its fullest extent. The transitional break between a melodic and light-weight mood until the hook where the song breaks into a more danceable altitude shows a significant amount of unique skill in the production of nÜ nÜ. Of course, this multi-dimensional record wouldn’t be what it was if it wasn’t for a dynamic vocalist like Molly Aspinall! “Antidote” was everything and more.

Listen to "Antidote" here and get to know more about nÜ nÜ below!

Thanks for joining us nÜ nÜ. Before you became what is known to us as nÜ nÜ, how would you describe your music career prior?

Hey! Thanks so much for having me. So I've always been quite eclectic in my music consumption. I like listening to a lot of rap and hip hop, pop music, folk music, rock, and even classical. I think this has greatly affected how I decide to write and create my productions, and I find I still create a wide variety. I just do my best to decide which songs fit into that nÜ nÜ vibe.

Your stage name is super unique to us. What’s the story behind it? 

Actually, funnily enough it comes from a Kid Cudi hit "Day n Night". I've always been a big Cudi fan (still very much underrated in my opinion, shout out Kids See Ghosts!), and the lyrics in that song really spoke to me. Slow mo, (what, what) When the tempo slows up and creates that new, new (what, what) He seems alive though he is feeling blue (what, what) The sun is shining man he's super cool, cool It probably helped that back then I was the epitome of a lonely stoner. hahaha I just went with the umlauts to be different, and I thought it might be difficult to search for "new new" on Google.

Let’s talk about “Antidote”. What was the most challenging factor for you in creating this song?

Hmmm. Good question. I definitely think it was getting the drop sections just right. I think I ended up rewriting them 4 or 5 times. Each time I did it got a little bit more difficult to know what should happen in them. I glad I put the work in and didn't settle though.

In what ways does Molly Aspinall help bring the song to life and to its vision?

She was a huge inspiration to write with for lyrics and melody in the song. She has a very natural way of coming up with lyrics and melodies, and we worked really well together so that's a huge part of it! Her voice is so perfect for this kind of song, so recording the final vocals was a breeze honestly.

What’s next for you?

So I have a new track coming out on July 9th called "Get Ritual", and from there I have another 6 or so track to finish off. Possibly an EP coming together in late fall, but for sure much more music and collaborations on the way!! Thanks so much for the awesome questions guys. I'm really excited about the posts. Ü Let me know if this is enough stuff, or if you need anything else from me.


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