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Get Ready For iBleazy's Inspiring Single, "Note 2 Self"

The Southern California-based singer-songwriter and recording artist announces the release of his relatable and hopeful single, "Note 2 Self," arriving soon on digital streaming platforms. iBleazy first made his way into the music industry through American Idol while also choreographing World Dance festivals. After moving to Long Beach, CA., he released his debut EP 'Get to Know Me Pt. 1' and found himself garnering more attention than ever. Soon to be dropping his forthcoming and deeply personal single, "Note 2 Self," iBleazy mentioned that the song peaks into his darkest moments. The song captures iBleazy's inspirational artistry as he describes the trials and tribulations of substance abuse and frail mental health. This song is said to be one of his most personal releases yet. Listeners are able to experience the raw emotion and inspirational words that iBleazy has to offer while he swoons them with his passionate and warm vocal stylings. Return to BuzzMusic on October 8th to read the full article and feature on iBleazy's forthcoming single, "Note 2 Self."

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