Get Ready for Kidd Jonezy’s New Release “No Nicknames"

Kidd Jonezy is a Virginia based Pop/Hip-Hop artist who creates music that is inspired by a whole multitude of styles and most importantly life. Since becoming interested in music at the age of 4, Kidd Jonezy has been taking his daily life and expressing his stories through music. Recently Kidd Jonezy released 'The Detour' EP and off of it is the smashing opening tune “No Nicknames” and let's just say, this is an anthem.

Instantly as the song begins we get a huge anthemic vibe from it that gets us completely hyped up for the big game. Then when the verse hits we are hit with a wave of fusion that completely catches us off guard and blows us off our seat. We are loving the honest mood we are getting from Kidd Jonezy, telling us how genuine he is in how he calls and treats people. This record features anthemic brassy synths, a massive popping 808 drum rhythms, a super exciting electric guitar riff, and of course Kidd Jonezy’s driving vocal performance that is our absolute mood. From start to finish, this record has us constantly ready for something big and we can’t recommend it enough for everyone to have a listen to.

Listen to "No Nicknames" here.

Hey Kidd Jonezy! Welcome to BuzzMusic! We are loving this exciting new release “No Nicknames”! Did you create the song with hype in mind? It definitely has us hyped up. What was your thought process when writing this song?

Hype wasn't necessarily the first thing that came to mind. It was kind of a two-part process when writing this song. I wrote the hook/chorus first, coming off of a breakup when I was deleting my ex's number out of my phone. AfterI found the beat the verse came naturally and things fell into place nicely. The hook catches us completely off guard with that exciting fresh sounding guitar line. What had inspired you to add this element here? What about your inspiration for the rest of the beat? I actually don't make any of my own beats anymore. I used to when I was younger, I had my own beat machine and keyboard but the older I've gotten the more I like to focus on writing and performing. The guitar line in the beat was an automatic attention grabber, definitely solidifying my decision to make this the sound for my single "No Nicknames".

We are definitely getting that “inspired by all styles” vibe here, it’s quite a cool blend. Are there any idols from all of these styles that you take inspiration from? Or do you just free flow it while listening and write down a cool idea you hear? I have idols from all over, not in any specific order or genre: Michael Jackson, Will Smith, Justin Timberlake, Johnny Cash, Kid Ink, Sam Hunt, Nelly, Wiz Khalifa, and more. I could go on forever. My process for writing can be different each time, sometimes an idea will hit me when I'm doing something random like eating breakfast or if I hear a certain beat it will pull the idea out of me depending on the vibe.

It’s great to hear that you started an interest in music at such a young age, what do you think it is that inspired you way back to love music? Did you ever think at some point you would be where you are now with your sound as an artist?

I think my love for music started with spending a lot of time with my grandmother at such a young age. She listened to all styles of music from Motown, Country, Gospel, Rock & Roll, and much more. After her introducing me to those sounds I found more music I liked and here I am now. I feel like my sound as an artist will continue to change over time. I have a deep love for a variety of sounds/music so its only natural I wouldn't want to be pigeonholed into one sound.