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Get Ready for Nostalgia in Maxx Calzz’s Latest Release “Lacking"

Maxx Calzz is a creative Hip-Hop artist who uses his intricate understanding of the human language to inspire his peers and create thought-provoking art. As someone with a clear vision and strive to positively influence others, Maxx Calzz is not a person to be taken lightly. This is especially true in his latest release “Lacking", this release is a full-on headbanging driving tune that is full of storytelling lyrics about how Maxx is not afraid of other people and will do what he desires.

“Lacking” is full of clever little references that shows off Maxx Calzz’s personality and hobbies, this can be seen in lyrics like “Watch me move the crowd (MC), get more cash (MC) , with the most chicks (MC) at my show.” which references both the Halo and Borderlands video game series. Maxx Calzz creates fun lyrics that your ear will be able to pick up and want to rewind and rehear that phrase again, it’s a fantastic positive experience the whole way through. From start to finish, “Lacking” is Maxx Calzz showing off his rap abilities. He doesn’t give you a break for a moment and goes 100% the whole way through. “Lacking” is one of those songs that everyone needs to experience, it’s got a little something in it for everyone.

Be sure to listen to “Lacking” here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Maxx Calzz! We are in love with your driving release “Lacking”, how did you think of fusing in all of the pop culture references in there? Was that something you thought of doing during the writing or did it just come?

It’s definitely inspired by things I see around daily. It all just flows out smoothly when I put on the beat and start writing lyrics. I like my art to involve real life. 

The backing track in this tune is incredibly hard-hitting, what was your process like to create it? Was there a particular element you started with? Did the lyrics come first or the music?

I can’t take credit for that. I’d have to give it to my friend and producer Swish Sanders. He created the beat, I just told him how I wanted it arranged and then he sent it to me to let loose on it. Then beat inspired the lyrics. 

With your music being all about positive messages, how do you think that “Lacking” can make an impact on other people's lives? How has this release impacted your life and your growth as an artist?

I believe Lacking is a purely motivational song. Do what you say you are going to do. It’s to inspire people to not just talk about it. Be about it. I attempt to live my life by this creed as well. This release has shown me that there are people who want to hear music on all types of subject matter, not just the norm. 

With your overall mentality being living life to the max, how do you do this daily? Do you have any goals that you strive to achieve so that you can better live life? What are some things you would advise someone else to live their life to the max?

I achieve this daily by setting goals and working hard to accomplish them. I want to work harder and be more efficient in my life and career. I would advise people to do the same. Set small goals that lead to bigger goals and if you say it, mean it, and if you mean it then does it.

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