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Get Ready for the Cold, Hard Truth From Kilo Bravo's Latest Release

Long Beach, California-based Kilo Bravo is an alt-rock band that creates heavy-hitting tunes that blend complexity with thoughtful restraint. With catchy but chaotic songs, they distribute a perfect blend of classic and contemporary sounds together. Formed in the winter of 2018 by guitarist and vocalist Kris Butcher, the other members include bassist Dave Pelusi, drummer Greg Anderson, and guitarist Adrian Sanchez, who round out the band today.

In a lively performance that shines through each edgy tone in the latest single, "Personality," we're fueled by the indie-rock eclectics that reside in this record's abstract tenors. Providing us with a mesmerizing buoyancy that we long for, it's relatively easy to get looped into the protruding melodies on the forefront of this soundscape. As the carefully crafted wording reaches a playful yet blatant scope of reflections, the smoldering vocal performance has us riding the wave of this composition as a whole.

In the narrative of comparisons that onlookers make in this moody piece, lyrical motifs such as 'Everybody's got a summer bod sculpted by the hands of god—shiny white perfect skin. At least I'm not one of them,' showcases the boisterous persona of Kilo Bravo directly. Through and through, the rush of dynamism that comes pouring into your headphones allows us to simmer in a bold attitude that needs no taming.

A direct representation of what naturally illuminates the aura of Kilo Bravo, "Personality," has us sifting through an array of goodies that ignite our inner wit and new longing for the alt-rock sounds they present us with.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Kilo Bravo! We admire the edgy essence you carry forth as a band. With an abundance of originality that shines through your alt-rock sound, where do you find the majority of your inspiration?

Thank you! The majority of my inspiration I think comes from observing life. Paying attention to little moments no matter how mundane. I’m not much of a fiction writer, our lyrics are usually critical observations or reluctant confessions.

As a band, how does the creative process usually get brought to life by each member? Did this formula stay valid for the making of "Personality?"

Typically I (Kris) will bring in a song or an idea for a song, and we’ll all get together and just jam on it. Take it in any direction it takes us. For better or for worse. For personality though, I brought this song is pretty much fully realized. I had all the instruments, arrangement, Melodie’s, and lyrics mapped out when I brought it to the guys. But what you hear on the record is more or less a live take. Rough and ready.

What does this song mean to you through the descriptive lyrics that you profess in this piece? Was there a moment or story that inspired its creation?

We’re living in a time where any second of the day you can look at your phone and see these tiny “perfect” identities people create. You know, people only show you what they want to show you. It’s all very superficial and unrealistic. So I thought I’d sort of flip the script and tell you all about my shortcomings. But on a broader scale, it’s a song for the misfits and the weirdos. I’ve never felt like I’ve quite belonged to anything, always sort of out of step. So here’s a song for the rest of us.

What has been the best piece of advice that you've taken into your music career?

Be brutally and unapologetically honest. With both your audience and more importantly yourself. I think most people can spot bullshit pretty quickly.

What can listeners anticipate to hear next from you?

We’ll have a single or two coming out in the new year. We have a month-long residency coming up in March, every Monday at The Wayfarer in Costa Mesa, Ca. And some regional touring is possibly in the works.


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