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Get Ready for What's to Come with Carter Brady's "Chasing Vampires (Remix)"

Carter Brady is a New York-based musician and singer-songwriter whose love of performing is relentless. Honing in on his musicianship and ability to take any kind of music and naturally be able to do something unique with it, has set Carter Brady apart from many others.

Having been fortunate enough to have recorded and performed in over 10 different bands and ensembles over the past decade, he has managed to find success in the indie music world. He has received positive feedback from artists like William Goldsmith of Foo Fighters, Sunny Day Real Estate, Joey Pecoraro, and Quinn Sullivan, as well as having worked with some of the best musicians and artists in music, ranging from a long list of names such as Mark White of Spin Doctors, Antonio Ciacca, Steve Watson, Peter Press, Mark Saunders, Mark Sidgwick, Richie Scarlet, and many others.

With his hit indie-rock single “Chasing Vampires,” foreshadowing the release of his imminent album set to be released in the summer of 2021, Carter Brady returns with the remix, which is getting his fan base eager to hear the array of sound scheduled to come their way.

Playing upon the warmth that is solidified by the acoustic guitar riffs, a surge of intensification hits home once the fully loaded percussion and electric elements make their way through the musical arrangement before us. There’s a cool, calm, and collected ease that overflows from Carter Brady’s unique vocal stylings as they grace your speakers with a bolstered eloquence.

“Chasing Vampires (Remix),” dips into a musical universe struck by the best of both worlds mentality. We have a top-tier production quality that is met with a grippingly raw performance as the buoyant instrumentation brings a sense of comfort to Carter Brady’s listeners far and wide. Knowing how to approach this piece in a way that leaves us compelled by the song’s organic structure, the songwriting technique effortlessly cascades through Carter Brady’s unforgettable croons.

If you’re looking to be consumed by what Carter Brady has to offer, look no further. “Chasing Vampires (Remix)” shows how he has the knack for taking a solid product and duplicating it in an alluringly exclusive way.

Hello Carter, welcome to BuzzMusic, and congratulations on the release of “Chasing Vampires (Remix).” We always love when an artist can execute a remix of their staple song in a way that doesn’t smudge the integrity, and that’s exactly what you have done with this track. What inspired you to create a remix?

The title of “remix” can be a bit misleading for this song, since other than a new bass part and a better mix the remix version isn’t a new arrangement. After releasing Vampires the first time back in December I definitely was happy with how it was sounding. But deep down I knew that it could sound even better. There were some aspects of the recording process and post-production that I had sort of rushed and knew could be fixed if I went back and released it a second time. I can safely say now looking back on it that I am so glad that I did.

What approach did you take to the remix that was different from the initial creative process?

For the remixed version, I felt that the bass part could use a bit more variety and punch. Thus, I reached out to Mark White, bassist from Spin Doctors, after connecting with him in November via Instagram asking him if he’d be down to record a part for it and send a Logic session back. He happily agreed, and the rest became pretty simple. I wanted to adjust the vocal sound and levels in the overall mix, so I sent Joe DiGiorgi, the new guy mixing it, the original raw vocals from the first session I recorded in and he was able to really bring them to another level along with the guitars, bass, and drums.

In your own words, what does “Chasing Vampires (Remix),” mean to you?

To me, Chasing Vampires (Remix) means another chance at making the song the way I want it to be, and without coming off as arrogant I can confidently say that now I don’t think there’s much more I could do to make it better. This is by far the most time, money, and effort I have ever spent working on a song, and I wanted to make sure it was the best it could possibly be for people.

We are thrilled that you have even more music on the way for us! With your album soon to be released, what can you tell your audience about the project?

Yes indeed, I am so happy to be able to share it with you all! And my album, which I’m calling Blue Reverb, is a collection of 12 songs that I have been working on since the pandemic started. I don’t want to give away too much, but I use a 1978 Fender Twin Reverb throughout most of this album, giving the guitars that twangy and distorted reverb sound. The idea of using the color blue in the album title comes from that kind of sad and upset feeling when you go through a tough time, like a breakup, a sticky situation, or a relationship. Part of this was because most of these songs were written during the pandemic, a time when the world was going through tough times. This is not to say that all of the songs are depressing and not upbeat, because most of the songs have great grooves and give off good vibes, and I think that each of the songs sounds different from each other, while also encompassing the qualities and similar styles and sounds necessary to be on an album together.


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