Get Ready For What's To Come With Clane Matthew!

Clane Matthew is an artist who originated from Jamaica and migrated to a different location in 2008. Clane Matthew comes from an upbringing of little to no resources or funds to maximize his full potential. He found out he was musically inclined due to his ability to mimic everything he hear. He began as an instrumentalist, perfecting his talent on the trumpet before transitioning his way to the piano. He’s been a big fan of Hip-Hop ever since he was little and he grew up heavily influenced by the rapper Eminem. His flow, lyricism and versatility captured his attention and he then became indulged in the rappers who talked about society and spoke about truth and reality. After becoming dissatisfied with the change in hip-hop and the mumbling rappers who were glorifying guns, drugs, and women, Clane Matthew embarked on his personal artist journey and he starts off by releasing his single "You Ain't Ready”.

“You Ain't Ready” has hard-hitting lyrics and a great substance behind it. You can tell that Clane Matthew was a big fan of rappers who delivered a message through their music because he was able to precisely convey his story through his song while still showcasing punchlines and catchy lyrics. “You Ain't Ready” is basically the prelude of the success Clane Matthew is planning on achieving and we believe wholeheartedly he will acquire the fortune and recognition he raps about! With a fire delivery, and intriguing story, Clane Matthew is up next and we can already anticipate what else he has under his sleeve!

Give a listen to "You Ain't Ready" here, and keep scrolling for Clane's personalized interview!

It’s always interesting to hear how the music scenes differentiate from one another in different areas, coasts, regions, and countries! How would you describe the music scene in Jamaica and how were you influenced by it?

I wasn’t influenced much by my country’s music. The music scene back in Jamaica is a bit different from the music scene here in the U.S. While Jamaica focused mostly on dancehall and reggae, I focused more on hip hop. Kids my age were listening to the newest dancehall hits while I was listening to artists like Eminem and Jay Z. They wondered why I listened to American music rather than my own country’s music. The truth is I’ve always loved my country’s music, b