Get Ready, Get Set, Razvan Mitroi is "Looking for Somebody" and It May Be You!

Romanian songwriter and producer Razvan Mitroi have released his exciting summer single, titled "Looking for Somebody." His release comes after garnering international attention with his 2020 summer track, "Summer Vibes." Focusing more on lush styles, Razvan Mitroi mixes a very diverse sound that sparks many stimulating feelings for listeners.

"Looking for Somebody" has Razvan Mitroi's characterizable, tropical, summer-time feel quality. It is the kind of song you imagine yourself listening to poolside, or in the midst of a road trip, as it has that fun-loving, energetic feel that sets the mood right for such occasions. The vocal integration occurs effortlessly in "Looking for Somebody," with silky mannerisms being presented, which work to heighten the warm embrace the song elicits. The rhythm in "Looking for Somebody" is absolutely freeing, and its melody raves inspiration. If you listen closely enough, the heartwarming storyline will unravel, and might very possibly allow vivid imagery to construct itself within one's imagination.

"Looking for Somebody" was simply a fun listen. The mixing of Razvan Mitroi was very particular, and he never fails to impress with his unique style. "Looking for Somebody" was immediately added to our summer playlists so that we can enjoy the rest of the season in pure, Razvan Mitroi-inspired bliss.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Razvan Mitroi, and congratulations on releasing your summer single, "Looking for Somebody." How do you feel that this single compared to your 2020 summer single, "Summer Vibes?"

First of all, I would like to thank you for this opportunity and the people who have taken their time preparing for this interview. It's been a while since 'Summer Vibes' was released, and it would be hard to outreach the performance of this one since it started a trend on TikTok and Instagram Reels, but I am confident that 'Looking for Somebody' will perform well since it has almost the same vibe.

Can you elaborate on the type of atmosphere you were hoping to instill with "Looking for Somebody?" What kind of emotions were you hoping your listeners would experience upon listening to your song?

Because 'Looking for Somebody' is a bit slower, tempo-wise, than my other songs, I wanted to combine two different genres, Reggaeton and Tropical House. I tried to share a happy feeling with my listeners; the relaxing marimbas, the melodic groove, and the tropical vibe made a perfect combination with what I had in mind.

Was there a certain strategy used within "Looking for Somebody" that was disparate from when you created your other songs?

Yes, of course! All my songs are different, and every single one of them has its creative process and feeling. When I first heard the vocal, I immediately thought about a Reggaeton vibe with its specific rhythm. Since then I have tried to implement my style and to create a happy and melodic feeling.

What kind of elements do you believe were used in "Looking for Somebody" that set your single apart from other electronic music releases today?

What makes this song special and unique are the organic elements used in the production and the combination of the two genres. What's next for you? This question is a tricky one, mainly because I am working on so many things at once. Building my brand, trying to reach new milestones, working on new music, DJing, and getting media exposure are just a few things that I am working to accomplish in the nearest future.


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