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Get Ready To Be Sent Through An Ethereal Rabbit Hole With Ero Seagull’s New Single

Greek-Canadian artist Ero Seagull was introduced to music by playing the piano at age six. After finishing school, she decided to hone her creative talents with a degree at the prestigious Bretton Hall University in Leeds, studying Theatre studies/Dramaturgy.

It was there when Ero Seagull started writing her own music and met Leon Rhymes (Too Many T's), who told her of The Peoples Music Awards in London, where she entered and won the judges' round in the Off The Beaten Track category with one judge stating, "She's a category of her own." So she played at the prestigious Scala Venue in London.

As we transport ourselves into Ero's musical universe's eclectic and desirable essence, we're gifted with the sonic mirage "You Send Me." A collaboration with up-and-comers in the industry, Aimilia Mhlou and the Japanese band AINAKANNA, the ethereal ambiance that's emanated is truly otherworldly as listeners can expect to be catapulted into the creative minds of these emerging artists. The use of vocal effects sends us to the oblivion of reverberated croons that take on a melodic structure at some points but a more spoken-out rap style at others. As we sway through the mind-bending atmosphere of "You Send Me," one thing remains consistent: the passionate energy injected into this record. The samples bring a nostalgic feel as the production elements convey much of the power. Blended with the abstract nature of lyrical motifs like, "I don't know if I'm afraid to stay on my own. One thing I know for sure, losing you is a loss. When in flesh we roll in such a flow. Ι look into your eyes you gaze into awe," the narrative of this record entices us with a flood of free-flowing memories custom to each listener's perspective. The multilingual collaboration offers such a refreshing take on the genre-defying world that it's impossible not to get roped into "You Send Me." Ero Seagull promotes the beauty within the interpretation by pushing the envelope and encouraging listeners to explore the depths of their minds.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Ero Seagull! We're thrilled to dive into your latest record sincerely, "You Send Me." With such poignant energy coming from this song, what moment or story inspired the creation of this song?

First of all, thank you for having me! I'm a big fan of yours! We wrote this song as a special tribute to our parents, who have never received the credit they deserve in pieces. It's a way to honor and appreciate them. I wrote my part for my mother, with whom I have a powerful bond, and I consider her my angel on earth. Aimilia wrote her part as a heartfelt tribute to her late father and dedicated it to his loving memory. As for AINAKANNA, according to what my Japanese friend Sachiko Takahashi told me, it sounds like a Haiku poem.

This song was first presented at the KANSAI MUSIC CONFERENCE in Japan, which is quite the accolade. How has the reception been from an international standpoint?

KANSAI MUSIC CONFERENCE was an experience on its own. It was really well received! I needed to participate in KMC, where I had the honor of being the final act. KMC is developing and fostering a global community of artists, fans, and industry to introduce music and culture to Japan and beyond. This event was such an opportunity to collaborate with AINAKANNA because, through this occasion, we created "You Send Me," it was a significant moment for my music career.

Let's discuss how magnificent you, Aimilia Mhlou, and AINAKANNA sound on this track together. Your styles collide effortlessly! How did this collaboration come to be, and what did the creative process look like when bringing life to "You Send Me"?

In 2004 I created a mashup with songs that included Sam Cooke's track "You Send Me." During a discussion with my producer FatData, he proposed turning this sample into a piece. He and then the producer Bhukhurah created the mix of our music "You Send Me," Dimitris from Electricity Sound Studio did the finalization. Now, regarding my collaboration with AINAKANNA and Aimilia Mhlou, we built bridges with our music via the wonders of technology. We live in a new age of global music, where artists from diverse cultures and backgrounds connect and collaborate. We were in different spaces, and music was joining us. This era has witnessed the world becoming more interconnected, allowing musicians to transcend geographical boundaries and bring unique flavors to the global music scene.

From multiple releases to international attention, what has been your proudest moment in your career thus far?

There are many beautiful moments in my career, but the one that has defined me was at The Peoples Music Awards when I gave my first gig at the Scala venue in London. There was a profound revelation within me that pursuing music is my true passion and what I want to do with my life. The energy and excitement of the moment reaffirmed my dedication to a musical career. I write poetry and have also written a book, "Ero and the Remembrance," but through music, you can communicate your message immediately to an audience. This has great power and impact. This is why I write music and continue with my forthcoming album, "Revolution." It is a way to communicate messages globally.

What message would you like your audience to take away from "You Send Me?"

Initially, I'd like to share that creating it was a fantastic journey. It's beautiful when creative ideas come to life through collaboration with talented professionals. Moments like these can shape one's life and artistic journey. Furthermore, I want to tell the audience that life is not a rehearsal. It's the actual act, and we should be present. I dedicated my part to my mother because when I was down and out during a challenging period, my mother's unwavering support and encouragement helped me recover and find my way back to life. Her love and guidance were instrumental in my journey to overcome difficulties and move forward. She and my dad uplifted me and inspired me in times of need. It's like they gave birth to me again. It's heartwarming when people who love you support you during tough times. We should be open to receiving the signals to stand together!

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