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Get Ready to Dance with Austin David in Latest Feel-Good Single, "In the Stars"

Michigan artist Austin David has set his motivations for advancing his growth and progression as a singer/songwriter. Growing up around all sorts of music scenes, Austin David has always felt that music was intrinsic for him, and thus bloomed the start of his career. Austin's music is typically all about uplifting the listener. He does this with his strategic blend of feel-good melodies, combined with his positive tone, ultimately creating a product that's full of life.

"In the Stars" has been the most recent pop-driven release by Austin David, and the track features a trendy guitar rhythm with beach-party energy intensely emulated. The song begins with a more moderate melody, but listeners shouldn't be fooled, as "In the Stars" soon picks up the tempo and sets out to be a track that's almost impossible to not move some part of your body to.

Showering listeners with vibrancy, Austin David exploits the most spirited and vigorous properties of his vocal sound, which only amplifies the buzzing energy pouring off of the track.

"In the Stars" has a straightforward narrative where Austin David hones his perspective on love and the attractions that result from such emotion. It's safe to say that Au

There's such vivid vibrancy with your latest single, "In the Stars". We're constantly getting twists and turns with the single, and it's without a doubt that you keep listeners in tune with the versatile track. How would you describe the kind of vision you had in order to perform the way you did with this single?

I grew up playing music in grimy Detroit rock and roll bars and back-alley Northern Michigan pubs. When I finally moved to L.A. in 2012 I decided to take on a strictly pop music format. For eight years I wrote and polished my pop chops. When it came to writing "In the Stars,” I had been working on a sync project with some other friends and we were doing hard rock type of songs, so it was kind of natural evolution to weave that raw and dirty rock style in with the more pop music side of things. I recorded vocals and guitar parts in one or two takes in my bedroom on GarageBand and then we mixed it in with professionally recorded takes in the studio to give it a kind of polished but still real feel. I had some of my good buddies from Michigan play drums and bass and they emailed me the tracks to mix in. Total rockstar chops in the rhythm sections.

What kind of emotional connection did you personally feel towards "In the Stars"? Would you say that most of your songs typically source out your own personal expressions, or do you attempt to stay more in-line with the current trend?

The song is about coming to grips with unrequited love. Looking at it as a storyline and trying to find meaning in something painful. Like "Hey, fine, we weren't supposed to be lovers in this lifetime, I guess." Thematically I knew I was stepping off-trend a little bit, but that's what artists need to do otherwise we get bored fast.

Considering how positive and inspiring you make your music feel, how do you often go about choosing the production of your tracks and ensuring it matches the projected ambiance you're reaching for?

This song went through several rough drafts and iterations before we got it nailed. I'm always rewriting and tinkering with things. My producer can take it up to the next level. I'm always seeking peaks and valleys. The song has gotta take you on a ride, and I love vocal melodies that double on guitar melodies...stuff that Kurt Cobain used to do all the time.

As an artist who's wanting to focus more on his fusion of pop/rock, what kind of visions or steps do you have in place in order to achieve that more in your future songs?

I know how to write rock and pop, so it's all about having the right players and producers to help me get that perfect blend in the crosshairs.

What has been keeping you inspired this year? 

I always try to stay upbeat and positive. I try to take all the negativity and convert it into positive, inspiring songs. People need art now more than ever. We've been locked into this social media loop feeding us all kinds of BS info meant to keep us glued to a screen and our spirits low.



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