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Get Ready to Feel Hypnotized by Liv Noelle in Expressive Single "Bitter"

Nashville-based singer/songwriter and 3 piece band Liv Noelle is proudly showcasing their raspy seduction in recent music. The biggest attraction of Liv Noelle is the richness and quality of her vocal performance. In addition, the amazing artistry and talent from her sister Eva and their father, Lee on drums. She knows her dynamics, and she uses that knowledge to her utmost advantage. Her music is very smooth, gliding along with a slow rhythm that makes the environment buzz with a melodramatic feel. Liv Noelle aims to add many dimensions to her sound, and with what we've heard so far, she definitely seems to be on the right track.

In late 2019, Liv Noelle's EP 'Facing Forward' released and subsequently found its place at #1 on the US iTunes Singer Song Writer Chart. Liv Noelle has always had the mindset of bringing heartfelt and melodic music to her listeners. The recent release, "Bitter" incorporates a strong emotional warmth, and we felt like Liv Noelle had her inner self completely exposed to listeners. We felt like we got to know Liv Noelle in a different way, not only with "Bitter", but with the overall album, it stems from. "Bitter" has those prominent raspy elements unique to Liv Noelle's sound, which eventually climaxes to the showcasing of her multi-faceted tone. We're stimulated by the sound of Liv Noelle's voice, and she matches the overall creamy rhythm very well.

Check out the smooth stylings of Live Noelle in "Bitter" here.

Hey, Liv Noelle! It's great to have you on here to chat about your recent single release, "Bitter"! What did this particular song mean to you, and what was your thought process as you constructed the single?

Thank you for this opportunity. We appreciate your interest in our music. To me, Bitter symbolizes when you’re so hurt that you can taste the pain, it’s another level of the blues.

You've always been an artist that encourages the revelation of truth, as well as producing reflective content. With the release of "Bitter", what did you want listeners to be stimulated to reflect upon?

With this song, I wanted our listeners to have an anthem to which they could reflect upon when they’re really feeling the blues - more than ever. I wrote this song to relate to people in more ways than just anger. I purposefully involved all five senses in this song because the blues are more than just a feeling, it’s a smell, something to see, to feel, hear, and most importantly with this song, to taste.

How long would you say it took you to establish your refined and sultry sound, especially the type of vocal sound you exhibited in "Bitter"? Did this kind of vocal tendency establish itself over time, or was it naturally inherent to your vocal abilities?

I believe it’s ancestral. From the coal mines in the hills of Kentucky all the way to my parents and my grandma having a band of their own before I was even a thought. The soul behind my voice comes from what kind of people my family has always been, hard-working, perseverant, and joyful. 

Are there any chances you're wanting to take with your future music? Where do you see yourself artistically in a decade from now? 

I am definitely not afraid of genre fluidity. We orbit around Americana but we like to keep a healthy dose of Rock ‘N Roll and the Blues. Whatever kind of songs I write, I hope people recognize our signature sound regardless. 

In a decade from now, we will hopefully be working on close to our 20th project and on tour with some phenomenal acts around the world. Only time will tell. I just want to give people my soul’s true projection. 



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