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Get Ready to Feel Nostalgic with the Classic Rock n Roll Essence Captured in "Selfish"

Spencer Gonzalez and Roger Rojas Jr team up for their edgy record "Selfish." Reconnecting in the mid-2000s, the two artists began creating together. Whether it's recording catchy melodies, writing deep lyrics, or showcasing their performance skills while touring, both Spencer Gonzalez and Roger Rojas Jr have music running in their bloodline.

Dripping in heavy rock elements, this live off the floor performance of "Selfish" captures the essence of both artists' creativity on the spectrum as they sway back and forth between the genres of Rock n Roll on the classic and new wave spectrum. Honing in on their talents, Spencer and Roger execute a brilliant performance in an electric, up-tempo soundscape. This record hits the trademarks of a broken-hearted ballad. The intricately scripted lyrics shed an image on a blank canvas of a relationship gone wrong because the other half chose to be selfish in their actions, a relatable tale that we all know too well.

Delivering an unapologetic personality in the vocals shed, we are exposed to the essence of what this dynamic duo brings. Between the psychedelic groove-filled guitar licks and tight drum patterns, Spencer Gonzalez and Roger Rojas Jr leave it all on the table as they share a piece of themselves with their rapidly growing fan base. If this indicates their evolving personas fused into one, then we know that their future content will be equally as relevant, if not more.

Hello Spence and Roger and thank you both for joining us at BuzzMusic. Could you please give us a bit of detail on how you and Roger Rojas Jr have come to be the dynamic duo that you are today?

Roger Rojas Jr.: We have been around music our entire lives, our fathers wherein a regional band called Brown Sugar Band. From early on both spencer and I have had that tight duo of knowing what one another is going to do musically and that’s what has given us so much dynamics when recording together, we can take a piece of the song and each of us can grow from it dynamically.

Spencer Gonzalez: Absolutely our fathers played in the same band when we were kids and always being surrounded by music. That shaped us and when I was making my bones on the road with rock bands on the road I met up with Roger and it just took off from there. We worked on some tours together and have been working in the studio and it has been a blast so far.

Was there a specific moment that inspired the creation of this record?

Spencer Gonzalez: the creativity and experiences that I had gone through in my life as well as Rogers inspired the material on this album. A lot of life-changing experiences for me and sorrow and pain but that’s the stuff that makes great songs.

Roger Rojas Jr: A specific moment that inspired this album has to be taking our roots back. We mixed with our old school roots, solid drums, and amazing leads that make your booty just wanna dance. I know nowadays songs are good and people remember lyrics but nobody ever just hears a song anymore and just wants to dance, that’s what inspired us most about this album just making that good feel dance song.

Could you please take us into what the recording session was like for “Selfish?"

Roger Rojas Jr: Selfish came together very easy, I put together a very catchy drum beat that leads to an amazing bass line by Gonzalez, and of course, adding guitars and keys just rounded out the song. Personal life lyrics carried Gonzalez thru Selfish, at times everyone can relate to this song cause at some point in anybody's life we or someone we know its gonna be selfish!

Spencer Gonzalez: Absolutely yes it was a labor of love, when that drumbeat started I felt like this needed to be funky and powerful. I created a complex baseline key then dropped in guitar chords and licks and a great melody I put together and based it around my personal experiences in my life.

What message and themes would you like your listeners to take away from the music that you create?

Spencer Gonzalez: We want them to experience the music and feel the story that’s being told in each song from the melody to the guitar solos. To experience the true meaning of the song.

Roger Rojas Jr: We really want our music listeners to take away the dance part of music, we wanted to make an album that was recorded in our studios but gave you the live feeling of wanting to dance, Gonzalez has always been magically amazing with his guitar solos, but with this album, he took them to entirely new level of leads & just amazing add lib!

What can fans anticipate to hear next from you Spencer?

SpencerGonzalez: I always want to push the limits with my craft and go far beyond every time I write and play. For me, it’s an ongoing process to create and never do the same thing twice. Fans can expect me to push the envelope each time I come out with an album. I enjoy every style of music from Rock to jazz to classical as well as country. I simply want to take my fans on a journey with the songs to my guitar playing to my melody and my lyrics. I enjoyed very much putting this album together with Rojas and believe me there is definitely more to come. The new album can be purchased at this link


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