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Get Ready to Hit the "Highway," with Alessia Labate and Leonail's Latest Hit

The divine vocal talents of Alessia Labate and the gifted skills of musician Leonail herald the coming winter with their joint single “Highway.”

At the tender age of 12 years Alessia Labate, who reigns from Milan, was first discovered. She took part in an Italian talent show where these steps became her first into the music business. Even before she came of age, she began to compose and write her own songs. This passion led her to a prestigious songwriting school, where she was able to further sharpen her talent. After graduating, she followed the burning passion inside of her and devoted herself entirely to music, and made it her profession. Since then, she hasn’t let her foot off the gas.

Leon, affectionately known as Leonail, hails from Germany. He started playing the drums at the age of six. A little later he developed a love for electronic music. As a student, he had the time to perfect his qualities as a producer. He started producing for numerous artists worldwide. With his tracks and remixes appearing on labels like Spinnin' Records, Kontor Records, Sony Music, and many more, he has become an unstoppable force.

Together, their single “Highway,” has an optimal balance to function as radio-friendly as well as dancefloor-compatible. Due to its strong topline and the sophisticated composition this track burns in the ear upon the moment it touches down.

“Highway,” immediately has us tapping our fingers and toes to this production. Seriously, we dare you to try and not move to this hit. This Pop fueled dance forward bop gets stuck in your instantaneously as the vivid and up-tempo foundation acts as a strong supporting structure for the heavenly vocals that Alessia Labate exudes in this lively performance.

Showcasing her wide vocal range, she glistens in harmonious melodies with production components that mold around her vocals in a unified manner.

The drop that Leonail has carefully crafted creates a danceable ambiance sizzling with energy, which we can hear playing at every club and bar when Covid-19 restrictions let up.

Alessia Labate adds her own flair to this electronic instrumentation as she sings sweet sounds about that heart-racing feeling that you get with that special person. Wanting to drop everything and grab your keys, get the car started, and hit the highway with your ride or die on the passenger side.

As we all know those cloud nine, butterflies in the tummy, sky-high feelings, this dynamic duo brings home the essence of the message in this fun-filled package. These two definitely remain ones to look out for as they make their way to the top in their respected craft. We can’t wait to hear what’s next from Alessia Labate and Leonail.

Welcome to BuzzMusi Alessia Labate and Leonail, and congratulations on the release of “Highway.” We honestly couldn’t sit still listening to this hit. How did the collaboration between you both come to life? How was it working together?

Guys that's the best compliment, we want people to feel happy when listening to the song.

I and Leonail have been friends for a couple of years now, he reached out on Instagram to hire me as a vocalist and we became good friends since then! We often share beats and vocals to see if there's something interesting to make together; one day I sent him "Highway" and he was so stocked with it that he produced it in less than a day! It was pretty much ready; Leonail is so talented and is so easy to work with: such positive energy, he's always up to trying new things. I love working with him and we are already working on more stuff.

Could you please take us into what moment inspired the theme of this song for both of you?

The song was originally written for another artist, I wrote it with my mate Dunkan, and we were inspired by Roadtrips: it just feels so good to leave all the hustle and the chaos of the city to go somewhere far but not too much. In Italy, it's really common to own a place either in the mountains or by the sea (some lucky ones have both) where to go where you need to unwind and relax. Leonail just took it to the next level with his dance-pop Happy/sad production.

What was your favorite moment from this experience so far?

Making the music video for sure. It was really fun.

What would you like your listeners to take away from “Highway,” in terms of the message, the overall theme, and mood?

Hope for the future: the pandemic will be over eventually and we'll all be able to travel and physically connect again.

What has been keeping you inspired in 2020?

The desire of doing, doing, doing: even though my plans were blown off by the pandemic I just did my best to make it work anyway, and it did. Technology is wonderful and I found myself connected more than ever. It was also a cleansing experience: I'm working on myself and my anxiety, and I discovered I can do so much more when I'm just present.



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