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Get Ready To Reflect With Grey Genius' Latest Track "Double Up"

Grey Genius has been writing and recording music since the young age of 11 years old! This type of raw experience within music is pivotal. Grey Genius has been able to spend years mastering her sound, and we can definitively say that she's done exactly so. Her music is methodically written and produced, which makes a huge difference in terms of the overall execution. Grey Genius has released a multitude of musical work, crafting her sound throughout the years to fully capture her true essence. Predominantly residing in the R&B/hip-hop/soul category, Grey Genius adds a variety of elements to her sound in order to create a fully embodied experience for each listener. Grey Genius will have you feeling tranquil, and completely stress-free for the moments her voice is in your ears. The various octaves she is able to reach with her voice, yet in the softest way possible, is warming. 

Sultry and voluptuous is what describes the underlying melody of "Double Up". Grey Genius is able to take the listener on a journey with her track and makes our heart feel full for the entire 3 minutes and 16 seconds. Her voice is confident, unwavering, and sensual. It's possible that at some points throughout "Double Up" you'll receive goosebumps at the very tone of Grey Genius. Aside from the silky vocal delivery, Grey Genius has powerful lyricism, bringing the listener on an emotionally painful, but elemental and raw experience. Grey Genius could never be an artist to look over, her musical offerings are always phenomenal, and we never expect to be disappointed with her as an artist. Authenticity pours off of Grey Genius in such a graceful way, and we're feeling extremely lucky to feature "Double Up" on BuzzMusic. We can guarantee that the R&B/soul community cannot miss out on the likes of Grey Genuis, and what she's able to curate artistically. 

Discover "Double Up" here, and check below for our interview with Grey Genius!


Welcome to BuzzMusic Grey Genius! We're completely captivated by your sound--you have such a strong and warming presence throughout your tracks. Can you tell us more about your intentions when you first began to curate your recent album "Late Nights Cool Drinks"?!

Thank you for that, I do appreciate it. The intention behind the order was to start on a higher mood sonically and start smooth. I wanted the flow of the EP to be from light to heavy in terms of sound and concepts of songs. It was also a therapeutic release for me, so the songs that you hear were written for the most part before I started to put them together as one body of work. 

You've had such a strong love and passion for music at such a young age! How do you think you and your music have grown since you first started writing, versus now?

I can say I've gotten more honest with each project. Starting out I mimicked much of what I heard from music I listened to. I wasn't really speaking from my perspective; it was terrible lol. Now I'm closer to my own sound and closer to being completely honest in my music. Also, I just write better. I'm able to say the things I want and have the listener receive it the way I want them to. I definitely still have room to get better though for sure.

"Double Up" is the perfect track to open up your recent album. Where did you draw inspiration for this particular track?

Thank you. I was inspired by relationships and how sometimes a person may get the short end of the stick once those relationships are through. Then that person copes with drinking. Not saying that is the best decision, but it happens that way sometimes. It’s a real part of life and I just wanted to share that over a smooth beat.

We know that you're a lover of integrating a variety of elements in your music. Would you ever incorporate contrasting genres into your music, or do you think it would ruin the type of sound you're attempting to reach?

I most certainly would. Rock, include more Jazz and possibly Country are the genres I can think of. I don't think it would ruin it at all. Music, when it’s made with patience and authenticity and from a pure place, just works. So, I do want to continue to experiment and see what comes of it.

What's the next move for you artistically? Are you playing any shows in the near future to promote "Late Nights Cool Drinks"?

I am playing shows in the Midwest for sure and those can be found on my website I would love to get out to other parts of the country for sure when the time is right. Next, I'm gearing up to go back in the studio to create my next project and I'm excited about that. Aside from that, I'm gonna’ keep promoting "Late Nights Cool Drinks" for as long as I can, so that as many people as possible can hear it.


Catch up with the most recent musical works of Grey Genius via her socials below!


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