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Get Ready to Rock With the Slashes

The Slashes hail from San Diego with an amplified sound dabbling in Post Punk and Border Goth. The band is composed of critical members like Esteban Rene (vocals/guitar), Beto Bautista (bass), and Carlos Robles (drums).

Releasing their debut album in 2015, produced by Alan Sanderson, who worked with artists like The Rolling Stones, Elvis Costello, and Elton John. Since then, they have been nominated for a San Diego Music Award for Best Rock. Not strangers to hitting the stage and indulging listeners in a memorable performance, it was upon their return to the west coast, that they recorded "City By" with Ben Moore of Singing Serpent Studios and released the single on all streaming platforms before returning to New York for the second round of shows.

Commencing with lush guitar riffs that whisk you away into a nostalgic display of rock n roll, "Valentine Slip" is the grunge-esque foundation that plays upon the classic rock components that rock is known for. Each percussion hit touches down with a colossal impact as the bass' rhythm joins along for an impeccably timed groove you can't shake.

We admire the smoldering vocal performance that embeds itself into the musical arrangement before us. Cascading with the musical components to produce energy equally as moving as it is mysterious, the sense of intrigue cast out leaves us encapsulated the entire time we have "Valentine Slip" playing through our speakers. It is no surprise that The Slashes know how to work a listener's mind, which is apparent in the abstract motifs like, "I slip through. The corner library. Disarmed cape. What a pretty quarry."

Thought-provoking words of this caliber have us imaging the most vivid imagery to accompany the sound waves passing by us. Taking their modernized yet classic track to the next level, we love how The Slashes produce a world of dynamism and riveting focus through the music we create.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, The Slashes, and congratulations on the release of your latest single, "Valentine Slip." With a copious amount of thought going into such abstract lyrics, what moment or story inspired this song's creation?

Valentine Slip was created from two points of view, lovers evading love, hence the title

And a vampire evading his true nature, but will he succumb?

Do you often tend to leave the interpretation of a song up to a listener, or do you like its messaging to be apparent from the start? What's your reasoning for this?

Generally, I like to leave things to self-interpretation, I do lay out certain clues and May paint the general picture but it’s best to be left to the eye of the beholder- I feel about art in the same way.

Out of the three of you, how do you break up the creative process for each release? Is there a formula that works for you that you tend to follow?

Usually, I come up with an idea and we flesh it out. I have finished songs in the past, but we are moving forward in a more collaborative way.

How have you grown as a band from your first release to now?

We are definitely becoming more accomplished with our instruments, taking more risks, fine-tuning our sound, whatever that may be.

What's next for you?

This summer we go into the studio to record our 3rd LP, we are heading to LA to record with our good friend Manny Nieto this time around. AND we are playing in LA on May 8th at Harvard & Stone, 9 pm Free show for 21+.

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