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Get Ready To Turn Up To “In This Club” By DJ Vetti

D’Angelo Rovetti, better known by his stage name DJ Vetti, got into beat making by his senior year of highschool. Growing up watching his dad DJ for a group titled “Total Invasion”, with the name DJ Tuff Cut Tim, and influenced by his uncle who was a rapper named Rude Boy, DJ Vetti learned many of his modern skills from them. DJ Vetti is also inspired by influences such as Kanye West, DJ Mustard, Young Chop, Metro Boomin, DJ Khaled, P.diddy, J Cole, and Dr. Dre. Not only is he a skilled beat maker, bu DJ Vetti prides himself on his talents as a producer. He find talented artists/rappers/singers to work with and creates songs that are his own.

The newest club banger from the San Francisco native, DJ Vetti, is “In This Club” (ft. BLKHRT AMiR, Don Stadium and Sambo). This track is all about having a good time and it's the perfect song to turn up to this summer. DJ Vetti puts his own personal and original flare on a modern dance/hip-hop sound. The music is well mixed but not over produced. “In This Club” features no lulls or pauses. It’s an upbeat and high energy summer track that I’ve been bumping on repeat. Dj Vetti makes music that his fans can relate to and that’s what sets him apart in today's music industry. His explosive new track “In This Club” is a fire track and will be bumped in clubs in the Bay Area all summer long. I can’t wait to see what this talented music producer creates next. Stay on the lookout for the talented DJ Vetti!

Check out “In This Club” (ft. BLKHRT AMiR, Don Stadium and Sambo) here! Keep scrolling for our exclusive interview with DJ Vetti below.

Hi D’Angelo! How old were you when you released your very first track?

Well my first track I produced/made a beat for I was about 19 years old. My first official track that I can say is mine and under my artist name, I released it at the age of 22.

How does your earlier music compare to your recent release “In This Club”?

Well you can see some elements from my earlier music inspiring my new song “In This Club” but really you can tell I’ve progressed especially in the very uniqueness of my sound to make it a more different quality from a SoundCloud Beat to a radio ready beat.

Do you think having influences like your dad and uncle bring a unique flare to your sound? How so?

O yes ofcourse. Being in the studio with my dad when I was young really put beats into my head, and gave me a great edge in making drum patterns and being unique. Plus the knowledge he showed me about hip hop, gave me an edge on sampling and manipulation to create my own sound. And also my uncle was a grimey, Bay Area, thug type rapper, so that influenced a lot of my beats to sound gritty and something that you can flow to, but also spit a fire verse to. 

When you’re not making beats, what do you do?

When I’m not making beats, I’m either working, being with the homies, spending time with my girl or working out. But if your asking for a specific hobby, then I like to workout and also hoop.

What inspired you to keep making music everyday?

What inspires me to make music everyday, is that I want to achieve the highest I can go and make enough money for me and my family. Music has always been in my life, and I want that to be my passion. Also it helps when my fam, girlfriend, and brothas like my music, because it gives me the most confidence that I can do it and I will succeed. 


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