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Get Rid of Your "Bad Thoughts," With Marvett

Brussels-based Marvett delves into melancholic pop-rock music to write about the joys, impulses, sorrows, and questions that life sends him.

As an inspired melodist and fierce composer, he releases addictive sound nuggets with his projects in all simplicity from his home studio set up in his room. Transforming his doubts into genuine radio hits by playing on contrasts and cultivating the ambivalence between lyrics from his head and melodies from his heart, Marvett lives in a pop-rock universe, sincere and without borders.

Vibrancy flows naturally in Marvett’s latest single “Bad Thoughts.” Drawing you into the gravitational pull of his infectious grooves, the saturated essence of his vocals leaves you completely blown away from the moment they accompany the eclectic instrumentation. There’s a pulsating sense of intensity that stems from the consistent transition the beat makes as you’re kept on your toes with anticipation.

Marvett takes a subject that would typically have you feeling stagnant and allows you to submerge yourself in unforgettable melodies that bring forth rays of hope and positivity. “Bad Thoughts,” is a vessel into the realm of indie-rock fused with pop and psychedelic hues.

The contrast is marvelous in the way it allows the elements from each to bask in the stature of this newfound dimension Marvett is exploring. Along with his previous two releases, “Bad Thoughts,” has made it onto national radio, and we completely see why he is garnering the well-deserved attention that he is.

The mainstream appeal that this song holds, all while honing in on the eccentric spirit of Marvett as an individual and artist, is truly something to write home about. Instilled into our mind for much longer than the duration of the song, take in “Bad Thoughts,” if you’re looking for that wave of optimism to jump-start your day.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Marvett, and congratulations on the release of “Bad Thoughts.” We love the topics discussed and the overall execution that you hit out of the park! What sparked the inspiration for this song?

As for all my songs, I had already created the demo of the song but it was only 40 seconds long. I started from there and composed the rest of the instrumental at first :) I've always listened to Californian rock-pop and punk-rock, I grew up listening to these genres and it clearly influenced my music style. Also, with the return of the 2000s, and artists like Mod Sun, MGK, Kenny Hoopla, Waterparks, Girlfriends who are artists I listen to every day, I really wanted to reach that kind of vibe :) Once the production was almost finalized, I started to write the lyrics, the most complicated and perilous part because it's at this moment that I start to think about what I want to tell, the rhymes,... At the time I started writing Bad Thoughts, I was in a kind of questions about my life, my music, my goals and that's when I thought it might be cool to write in a negative future and wonder what I would hold on to if all that time spent writing and composing didn't lead to anything after 2,3,4 years of work. Would all that time invest in music have been a waste of time? I like to talk about what I'm afraid of in life in my songs and to mark this ambivalence between the often happy and catchy music with often darker and harder lyrics. For Bad thoughts, I really put myself in the place of a "me" who would have let himself be swallowed up by toxic and negative thoughts as well as all the anxieties and frustrations that come with making music :) It's also a way for me to face my fears and to learn to put into perspective what I'm doing or trying to do with my music

In your own words, what does “Bad Thoughts,” mean to you? What are you hoping that your audience takes away from it?

Bad Thoughts reflects a bit the phase, in which I am at the moment that is to say facing the toxic thoughts that often tend to take over the good thoughts, I often tend to see the glass as half empty instead of half full and this reflects on my way of being. This piece is about fighting this negative part of me. Learning to manage it so that it doesn't take over too often and especially that I don't let myself be guided by it.

Everything in the mix works so well together, did you work with anyone to bring this soundscape and vision to life?

Oh thanks, it means so much to me Actually no, I work alone during the whole creation process. I like to work alone but it has its disadvantages as for example for everything concerning the mix or the mastering, which are generally the moments that take me the most time because it's very technical and it requires a lot of hours of work before arriving at the final result, time that I could surely save if I worked with a professional. But I have to admit that I really like the "journey" that each track represents, the creation, the mix, the mastering, and then imagining all the images and the visual thread for the track is so cool.

For the mix, I often do the work by ear to get a result close to the tracks I choose as references.

What do you hope that your audience takes away from your message as an artist?

I don't know if I really have a message to convey as such beyond the lyrics (and what I say above) but I like to believe that my music transmits some kind of energy for anyone who needs it. Bad Thoughts is a bit of an energy pill that gives a boost :) After that I leave it open to any other interpretation, everyone feels the track according to their own experience!

What's next for you?

I'm working on other songs in the same rock-punk-pop vibe that should be released soon during the summer, in English but also in French. I hope to be able to do my first live performance if the situation improves. I'm rehearsing with a drummer right now, I can't wait to make it all sound live. I also hope to collaborate with some artists in the near future that would be so cool.


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