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Get Shifted "Upside Down," With The Buoyant Sounds Of Triangle Rain Club

Formed by multi-instrumentalist Austin Smith, the classic indie and alternative rock-inspired sounds of Triangle Rain Club originate from his bedroom studio in the suburbs of Chicago.

Austin Smith writes, performs, and produces all of the original melodies himself. Citing The Velvet Underground, The Cure, and The Jesus and Mary Chain as significant influences, the sounds from Triangle Rain Club are a myriad of the inspiration driving him.

In the animated exploration of a feel-good guitar riff infiltrating your mind, we can't help but be taken to the golden hues of warmth and nostalgia in Triangle Rain Club's latest single, "Upside Down." Collaborating talents with the artistically driven Drew Keenan, there's a striking blend of musical components that bring multi-dimensional life to a record as such.

Advancing with complexity in the arrangements as the plot thickens in the lyrical aspects, we dissect the effervescent atmosphere through each word shed. The opening flowing motif of "I won't remember anything. All memory will fade away, and there's nothing I can really do to explain it all to you" plays into the reminiscent times that we immediately grasp upon as we surge into a universe that is dedicated to profound honesty and lived experiences.

Triangle Rain Club has a knack for pulling you into the composition by exuding simplistic lyrics that mold into your mind as the instrumentation takes the driver's seat and unleashes a hurdle of emotions right in your direct path of living. Taking in all that is "Upside Down" has us realizing that our journey is not much different from the story and emotion shared in this musical narrative of truth.

We love the brilliant sound exploration of your latest single, "Upside Down." Was there a particular moment or story that drives the inspiration behind this record?

Thank you for having me! “Upside Down” was inspired by some of the feelings that we’ve all experienced in the past two years. Everything feels out of place and not quite right in the world. It feels like we’ve been reoriented in a way. But the message of the song is also that, even though things are crazy, try to live each day to the fullest and have as much fun as you can.

With a prominence in repetition throughout your lyrics, does this tend to be a lyrical formula that you follow throughout other songs in your musical catalog?

I would definitely say that the repetition of lyrics and musical themes are common throughout my released music. I am often trying to create a mood or share an emotion without overcomplicating it, just trying to get right to the heart of things. With that said, I do find myself exploring a bit more when working on new material.

What was the experience of working with Drew Keenan like? How did a collaboration come from the connection you both shared before the song's creation?

Drew and I met in college and instantly became lifelong friends. We played in a band called The Natural Villains and put on a ton of wild shows at house parties and local indie rock clubs. As soon as I wrote, “Upside Down” I knew I had to get Drew on the track. His guitar solo is amazing and his backing vocals just make the track feel right.

When we listen to the wording of this track, how have you found your headspace adapting since the time of writing to this very moment?

I think I’ve become a little more focused since writing this track. Times are still strange but getting better slowly. Writing how I feel in the moment is really the only thing I know how to do and I’m sure that will continue into the future. I have a new EP coming out on February 2, 2022, called “Close the Door” and hopefully you will be able to hear a clear growth from Upside Down to the new tracks.


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