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Get Swept Away in Wavez Latest Single, "Plain Jane"

A force to be reckoned with, Wavez emerges from the Inland Empire, as he pushes his career with an abundance of innovative sounds for various generations. He’s been thriving as he fuels his burning passion for the art by being a young artist that continues to grow with help from K.stone, who opened Wavez’ mind with inspiring meetings within Los Angeles music culture.

Putting his talents on display, Wavez collaborates with a heavy hitter, Daily, to bring forth his latest creation, “Plain Jane.” Simmering in the zesty soundscape of the modern flow that Hip-hop has developed, Wavez shows his unique stance in the genre. He applies smooth cadences across a mid-tempo rhythm carried forth in the bass-heavy instrumentation. The booming presence in his vocals cements his talents as a top tier emcee who knows how to capture his audience through intoxicating melodies that have you on the creative hook of Wavez.

Using his slick wordplay, you get the best of both worlds in “Plain Jane,” as you can fixate yourself on the hard-hitting lyrics while being whisked away by the mesmerizing fusion of the production quality. Between that lyrical expertise of Wavez and Daily, the two artists provide a colossal collaboration that has you immersed in the energy they bring forth. It’s hard not to move to “Plain Jane,” with the way that the composition seamlessly meshes in the realm of contemporary descants. Wavez is sure to continue to rapidly grow his fan base as he flaunts his pen and charm in a boisterous manner that has us all pressing repeat.

Congratulations on your latest single, “Plain Jane.” With such a powerful track, the connection that both you and Daily share is unmatched. How did this collaboration come to be?

The day before we made plain Jane I booked a session and had everyone come out but I fell asleep (Haha). So I booked another one the next morning but I never made a song with daily so I created the hook my cousin found the beat and it instantly hit me Plain Jane so I made sure daily got a verse.

What moment inspired the creation behind, “Plain Jane?" How did your creative process flow for this track?

I looked at my wrist and was thinking like plain Jane and at the moment my business partner's dramatic music group was dealing with jets. So instantly I thought plain Jane on a plain and I always make my music about the females so plain Jane on a plain we could link up.

What does your ideal studio session look like? Were you able to capture these vibes when recording, “Plain Jane?"

The vibes were classy more upper class setting a champagne type of lighting reflecting off of quality gold. The vibes plain Jane brought me were so vibrant I felt like I was in a high-class moment in my life.

In terms of musical and non-musical influences, what do you allow to speak into the music that you make?

I allow motivation to show others anything is possible and no words are too small to express how you truly feel and never let anybody box you in and always speak what’s true in the moment.

What can we expect to see next from you, throughout 2021?


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