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Get Taken Into an Abyss of Sound With Abraxaz’s Release “Backshots (Feat. Lovetoliii)”

Abraxaz is a Los Angeles, based artist who has been showing signed of versatility since a young age. Touching on many different genres allows for Abraxaz to never become labeled in one style. Since beginning his career in 2018, Abraxaz has been honing in his music to be completely loose and experimental to play with new sounds and ideas, all while keeping every song personal to him. Recently, Abraxaz released his single "Backshots Feat. LoveToliii," and it is the perfect late-night listening party tune. "Backshots Feat. LoveToliii" doesn't hold back for a moment to get into the groove, instantly we were thrown into an abyss of funky, ethereal textures.

Abraxaz performs a duet-like performance with LoveToliii that feels like an esoteric dance that perfectly weaves around the ever so punchy drum groove. Looking at the roots, "Backshots Feat. LoveToliii" is full of deep vibes, it's a tune that you can put on when you want to have a dance with that special someone, or if you're going to put on a song when having a good time relaxing on the couch with your mood lighting. "Backshots Feat. LoveToliii" shows us everything Abraxaz is capable of, featuring ethereal keyboards that make you feel like you're in space, a patient but driving 808 drum kit, and then perfectly harmonious vocal performances from both Abraxaz and LoveToliii that feels like the icing on the cake. We are incredibly excited to hear what is coming next from Abraxaz.

You can listen to “Backshots Feat. LoveToliii” here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Abraxaz! Your latest release “Backshots Feat. LoveToliii” is full of interesting textures and rhythms, what was the whole production process like for creating this tune? Did you find yourself starting from a particular element or did it all happen at once?

This song happened all at once. It is a different genre from anything I've already done, but I went full-on. I remember finishing it within an hour and thinking to myself, "I need to make more tracks like this." I base all my tracks around the chorus. With this track it was no different. It came so naturally to me. When the beat is right, and it speaks to me, the melodies come naturally. That is the one thing that I believe I should never overthink, is the melody. Once the chorus was done I knew I had to put this song out. 

We’re loving the performances between LoveToliii, what was it like to work together? How did you find which artist would suit this song the best with you? How did you come into contact with each other?

LoveToliii, an artist from the bay, has a great discography within this type of vibe. He was naturally the perfect fit for this song, and he delivered. I've know LoveToliii for over a year now, and he has been consistently releasing tracks of his own. His style is definitely more like this track. Crazy thing is I never would have made this track if I weren't for him. I've always loved that West Coast bounce but never considered creating a track until I heard one of LoveToliii's tracks. Definitely going to add more songs like this to the discography. Already got another track called "Tease" coming soon with a LoveToliii feature. 

We loved hearing your music comes from personal experience, what was the inspiration behind coming up with this tune? Were there specific styles that you wanted to fuse together for this song?

I was inspired by the beat. Like I mentioned before, if the beat speaks to me, its a wrap. I am going to keep it a buck though, I did not like my voice at first on this track. I tried different things until I began some slight harmonizing on it. Harmonizing on a track like this is not common, it is usually one main vocal, but I have to mix it up. In a sea of artists, I have to think about what would stand out sonically so that it instantly catches the listeners attention. 

Knowing that you constantly reach out to try new styles, do you have any influences from any styles that you try to borrow ideas from? Are there any new styles that you want to try in the future?

All I am going to say is that 03 Greedo slaps. He was pushing the boundaries before he got locked up. Shoutout to him. Also Shordie Shordie. But 03 Greedo my favorite LA rapper right now. As for new styles, I want to create anthems. A catchy chorus is great, along with melodic verses. But I want my verses to build up into the chorus so it feels like a roller coaster. That build-up that you feel at an EDM concert, but everyone is chanting the lyrics. I am going to capture that energy on the mic. 

What else could we expect for 2020?

2020 will continue to be a year of experimentation but also solidifying my sound. My social media presence will continue to grow, and much more focus on content. The music comes naturally,  but I want to humanize myself to the people who may not know me that well or would like to know more through social media content. I hope this gains a new insight as to who I am and not just another person trying to make it in the industry. Also in 2025 I will have an album called "Abraxaz".



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