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Get Taken Into Heros Gabri's, "Sleepy Hollow"

The multifaceted Heros Gabri is based out of Los Angeles, California making a name for himself as a guitarist and singer-songwriter.

As the frontman, lead singer, songwriter, and guitar player for his new debut self-titled band, he taps into a signature sound that reflects a musical assortment of various genres including acoustic rock and classic rock and roll.

With an extensive amount of experience in the music industry rooting back to his early childhood years, he is off to a running start by launching his solo project. The most recent release to come from Heros Gabri is the latest single “Sleepy Hollow,” which takes on the type of feel-good energy you long for in a laid-back, rock record.

The enticing essence of opulent guitar riffs instills an alluring rush of anticipation through your veins as you patiently wait for the full composition to kick in. Heros Gabri cascades a buttery vocal over top mid-tempo instrumentation that bursts from your speakers with a seamless blend of booming charisma, and spirited delicacy. Rich in harmonic layers, the textures that are present have the overall quintessence of “Sleepy Hollow” robust with a wide sound that fills out your speakers.

Sonically packing a well-rounded punch with the top-tier production quality, Heros Gabri ensures an easy listening experience that plunges into the most pleasant descants unveiling themselves in this record. Captivated by the luscious croons that are set in place with an impeccable offering of timing and spatial cues, Heros Gabri excels at making “Sleepy Hollow” a mirrored representation of what he has to offer as a creative.

If you’re looking to release your mind and set your cruise control to the blasé vibrations of rhythmic energy, then “Sleepy Hollow” is the song for you.

Hello Heros Gabri, welcome to BuzzMusic, and congratulations on the release of “Sleepy Hollow,” and establishing your solo project, Heros Gabri. With this track being your debut in this particular realm, what inspired you to lead with “Sleepy Hollow?"

Thank you so much! Well, I never really knew a solo project route is what I was going to take. I feel like I didn’t choose it, This whole experience kinda chose me. I woke up one day and decided I wanna start writing songs for a solo project but didn’t know how I was going to do it or what route I was going to take. So that particular morning I went for a little hike by my house. There is a mountain trail where I live in Los Angeles, CA. called “Sleepy Hollow Trail” and I often go there to unwind and meditate. One day I just took my guitar and started playing that chord progression. So I went home slept on it and came back to sleepy hollow and wrote more chords/lyrics. For 7 days straight every day I went and wrote something new and by the time I knew it I had a song and it was the song I decided to launch my solo project with.

Could you please share the meaning that’s laced into the lyrical motifs we hear on this record? What do you hope your audience can take away from the significance?

Well, the Lyrics in the song are a combination of some lyrics I’ve had for years hidden away in a notebook, mixed with lyrics I wrote on the fly while writing the song. I feel like I didn’t necessarily write the song, the song kind of wrote itself and fell from the sky. So when I was at Sleepy Hollow writing, I was surrounded by the trees I instantly wrote the opening lyrics to the song “Come with me my dear, I know it may seem a little unclear, just lay your head on the Sleepy Hollow Trees.” After that a huge eagle started majestically soaring right above my head and boom I wrote the lyric “Soaring in the sky, I might seem nice when you’re up and you're high, but don’t get stuck in those Sleepy Hollow Trees.” A lot of the lyrics in this tune kinda have their own little back story and I can break it all down but I’d rather have the listener have their own story connected to it so it can be open for interpretation. What sleepy hollow means to me can mean something completely different to you and that’s okay! That's what art is all about.

Being well-versed as a musician, do you find that your creative process is similar or different in your solo project, versus previous experiences you’ve had as a creative?

Extremely Different but in the best way possible! Having a solo project is super liberating because you choose the pace you wanna go. Don’t get me wrong, being part of different bands was great but when you have full responsibility and control of your own project the ceiling and possibilities are endless. It's all about how much you’re willing to put in. Also as you can imagine the creative process is much easier being the only songwriter. It's a great way to build trust in your own songwriting/Lyrical capabilities. It can be a bit intimidating at first but I feel like this is the route that was definitely chosen for me.

What’s your mission statement as Heros Gabri? How important is it for you to let that shine through everything you do

Well, I don’t necessarily have a mission. I just want to write good tunes and have people enjoy them. Art is the only way I can outlet my experiences in life and if other people find it relatable and enjoy it then that's what being a musician is all about!

What’s next for you?

Write write write! I’m Currently still Writing the record. It's almost finished and When the songs are done, into the recording studio I go! I don’t have a set date on when the album will be out but I do plan on releasing it very very soon and after that live shows until we drop! A Great number of Concerts is what I see coming very soon.


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