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Get Taken out to Space in Freaky Deeky’s Latest Project “StarMode the Ep"

Saying hello from New Orleans is the Hip-Hop artist Freaky Deeky who recently put his stamp in the New Orleans hip-hop scene with his latest project ‘StarMode the Ep’ and this five-track collection is full of high energy from start to end. We are going to be taking a closer look at the opening tune, “StarMode II.” We felt this was the perfect opener and set the vibe for what is to come with the rest of the EP.

As soon as “StarMode II” hits it goes from 0-100 extremely quick, the pacing is astounding. Freaky Deeky hits us with constant thought-provoking lyrics where when combined with his inspiring flow, puts us into a very spaced out trance where we can’t help but feel as if we are flying out in space. It’s almost as if we got launched off of the earth, and Freaky Deeky hits us with what feels like a galaxy full of energy. “StarMode II” features an amazingly high tempo 808 drum kit that pulls in little flairs of rapid-fire snare drums that burst with energy, an exciting, slightly dramatic sampled vocal choir that bounces back and forth, and then topping it off is Freaky Deeky’s attitude heavy vocal that manages to breathe above all of the intense chaos happening correctly. We recommend checking out the rest of this fantastic EP; we can’t wait to hear what else is coming from Freaky Deeky.

You can listen to “StarMode the Ep” here.



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