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Get to Know Among Loyals' Refreshing Debut Single, "Dreams"

Soaring in from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, singer-songwriter and alternative pop artist Among Loyals releases his big and uplifting debut single entitled "Dreams."

Among Loyals was once a part of the band, The Hawkshaws. When he felt a need to spread his wings, Among Loyals began venturing outside of his comfort zone to create a solo project and collaborate with new artists. He plans on pulling influence from his favorite artists and genres as well as the inspirations of those he's collaborating with.

Introducing us to his refreshing alternative pop sound through his chilling debut single, "Dreams," Among Loyals mentioned that the song is an ethereal and dreamy mix of The 1975 and Duran Duran, two major influences to not only himself but the modern pop world.

Hitting play on the new single, "Dreams," the tune kicks off with an electronic synth arrangement that sinks into a robotic vocal that sets the song's modern and uplifting tone. As bright electric guitars and an upbeat pop drum arrangement begin to crash through our speakers, so does Among Loyals' warm and spirited vocals that sing of dreaming about someone but not being able to connect in real life.

The song is so well-rounded, and we truly admire Among Loyals' ability to place the listener in the heart of his emotional lyrical concepts, especially in this big debut. We also adore the anthemic and exciting feel of this track; it not only helps us get to know what Among Loyals is all about, but it truly starts his solo career with a bang.

Float through your "Dreams" with Among Loyals' debut single, now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Among Loyals. Congratulations on releasing your exciting and passionate debut single, "Dreams." When did you begin writing and creating this song?

I began working on this song in about March of 2021. The first "demo" of this song was done around April, but final tracking and mixing didn't come until July / August.

Were you inspired by any particular moments or experiences when creating "Dreams"? What message did you want to get across?

Yes actually! The main melody and guitar riff for this track ironically came to me in a dream. It was one of those moments where I woke up from my sleep and had to record a voice memo immediately of myself mumbling this melody or else I knew I'd forget it. The next morning I woke up and went to my studio to record the guitar tracks, and then built the rest of the song around those elements. The message of this track is that sometimes dreams can feel so real, they make you miss something that you never really had.

Did you produce the well-rounded and exciting sonics/instrumentation yourself for "Dreams"? What tone and vibe did you want the sonics to offer?

The sounds you hear in this track were produced by myself, and Chris Cotter of TribeSound Records. I wanted the track to have a dreamy, hazy, ethereal vibe and I think the mixing of the synths and vocal layers in the track really set that tone.

Why did you choose to release "Dreams" as your big debut release? How does this song help us get to know you better?

"Dreams" is the first song I truly created and wrote all on my own. It felt very personal and I feel a great deal of pride for how it turned out. I feel like this song encapsulates the vibe and genre I am going for as an artist, and sets the tone for my future music.

What's next for you?

I have plans to release new music as soon as January 2022! I plan to release a few singles, working up towards an EP. Once I have a more established catalog of music, I'd love to get into playing live shows with this project. The sky's the limit.


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