Get to Know Carolina Rial More After Listening to Her Latest Hit “Know Me Better”

Growing up in New Jersey, Carolina Rial's musical career began at the age of 10. What's most impressive is that Carolina grew up in a nonmusical household and her skill and talents we self-taught, singing in her bedroom and in front of mirrors for hours. Knowing their daughter possessed true musical talents, her parents quickly enrolled her into piano lessons lighting the fire to her musical career. What we need to remember here is that Carolina is currently only 16 years old, which will blow you away to learn as her latest hit "Know Me Better" exhibits talent beyond her years.

Carolina Rial's gifts have consistently caught the attention of industry professionals, and in 2018 she was chosen to participate in Atlantic Record's EMERGE program at the age of 14. This bright star has already played at venues other artists can only dream about, including Carnegie Hall, NJPAC, Red Bull Arena, Marlins Park, MetLife Stadium, and most recently, Madison Square Garden. This emerging artist is driven to share her voice and talent with the world and will not let anything stop her from chasing her dream. We are positive Carolina Rial's passion will lead her music to many other platforms, and BuzzMusic wont be the only place you'll be hearing Carolina Rial's music.

Be sure to listen to “Know Me Better” here.