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Get to Know Lyndrik Xela On a Deeper Level with “Get to Know U, Part.1"

Reminiscent of the manner in which he lights up a stage like the late Michael Jackson and Prince, multifaceted singer, songwriter, producer, and performer Lyndrik Xela shows why he is here to stay in the music industry.

The release of his debut five-song EP “Get to Know U, Part.1,” fashions an ambiance for any occasion that you desire. Through a stylistic range suited for all genres and eras, Lyndrik Xela leaves you wanting more by the end of this captivating project.

The sultry introductory record “F in Vain,” highly anticipates the smooth and charismatic sounds we can expect to hear from Lyndrik Xela. With the profound instrumentation pulling you into its grasp, the effortless grace in the vocalization of his hunger driven lyrics to allow you to easily get lost in each slow tempo pulse that this record offers up. As you instantly swoon with the harmonious melodies shed, Lyndrik Xela expresses that there is only one person on his mind and if he can’t have her, he doesn’t want to “F in Vain.”

“Replay,” begins with a Contemporary R&B fused Pop flavor that immerses from your speakers upon impact. The delicate yet empowering performance from Lyndrik Xela leaves very little to the imagination as he illustrates the enticing and provocative encounters that he can engage in with the apple of his eye who “loves to get down.” Diving into an atmospheric bliss, we are transported with the reverberated essence that Lyndrik Xela exudes on a personal level as he wins us over through each track on “Get to Know U, Part. 1.”

The third record on the tracklist is the tantalizing title track, “Get to Know U.” Expressing the burning desire in his heart's contents, Lyndrik Xela impresses us with the ease he radiates as he leaves it all on the table in a seamless fashion. The instrumentation carries a minimalistic essence but upon closer listen, the collection of elements that construct this arrangement weld together in a unified manner. Lyndrik Xela is struck with love and through his magnetic verses and hooks, it becomes more apparent as we progress through his debut EP.

“Questions,” is the fourth record we can find on “Get to Know U, Part. 1.” Initiating the vocals with mind-blowing questions, Lyndrik Xela takes his enigmatic tonal distinction and uses it to propose intoxicating energy as you fall under his musical spell. The cherry on top of this record is the electrifying edge in the guitar solo that can be heard as an intermission in the performance Lyndrik Xela displays. As we dive into the vulnerability of love not being blind, we are charmingly taken into the final composition on this EP.

The fifth and final record to be heard is “Bottom Line.” This happens to be the only feature on this project and Lyndrik Xela recruits the talents of Tox to give that triumphant ending. The instrumentation has a Latin zest as it carries us to the end of the record with golden horns and warm guitar strums. The harmonies are a staple piece as we sit with the final offering that Lyndrik Xela serves us on a silver platter with heavenly vocals. Tox offers up a Hip-hop ambiance with his emcees like abilities and swift cadences in the presentation of his verse. The unforgettable hook allows for “Bottom Line,” to be the flawless finale that “Get to Know U, Part. 1” deserves.

Dressed in artistic versatility, Lyndrik Xela gave a sonic voyage to his listeners in the likes of this composition.


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