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Get to Know Powerhouse Duo, Maiyio x Chiyia

The Proclaimers, The White Stripes, Heart, and now Maiyio x Chaiyia. What do all of these groups have in common? They are all, powerful groups made up of siblings. Maiyio x Chaiyia is not only siblings but also best friends. The two have experienced all of their highs and lows together and just as in life, they have relied upon each other to fill in the missing gaps within their music composition. 

Maiyio x Chaiyia's music contains a narrative of self-love and respect towards others that was instilled within them from a very young age. They hope their music calls upon the listener to translate these meanings and apply them to their own life, creating music that truly resonates with people is Maiyio x Chaiyia's passion. Their contrastingly different artistic outlooks and musical talents continually push one another to grow their sound to new directions and explore uncharted territory artistically.

Get to know this duo more and listen to “Downside Up” and “Good Enough (For You)” here.



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