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Get to Know Sadboy hour and Their Lo-Fi Sound With, “Peaches & Cream"

The new lo-fi chill/hop duo Sadboy hour releases their soft yet empowering debut single "Peaches & Cream." Hailing from Vancouver and Los Angeles, Sadboy hour has taken on quite an interesting creative process by releasing whatever they create in an hour. Dropping their debut release "Peaches & Cream," Sadboy hour has crafted this track with pure intentions and immediately allows us to relate through lyrics of independence, and the opposite of peer pressure.

With a downtempo lo-fi beat and sublime production, this two-minute track gives us something to sit back and think about. "Peaches & Cream" begins with calming synths and progressive keyboard melodies. At the same time, Sadboy hour makes their way into the piece with peaceful and warm vocals of Sadboy hour singing lyrics of not letting external factors play a role in what his heart is telling him to do. You will be very impressed with Sadboy hour's debut release "Peaches & Cream," not only because it was crafted in about an hour, but for a vibe that stands so loud and clear, it's sure to captivate the attention of ears nationwide.

Hello Sadboy hour, welcome to BuzzMusic! We’re very excited to feature your sweet and savory debut release “Peaches & Cream”. Where did you find lyrical inspiration for the song?

Hey, thanks! The lyrical inspiration came from life really. Feeling stuck and wondering if you’re where you’re supposed to be and having people from every aspect of life telling you how to live and put you in a box. 

Your single “Peaches & Cream” serves these mesmerizing production elements through a blissful lo-fi beat. How did you manage to arrange the track and round it out, all within the span of an hour?

Sadboy hour is made up of Erfy (producer) and Jordan (singer-songwriter) 

Erfy quickly came up with a beat/chord progression and we just went from there. I (Jordan) sang whatever melody came to me first. I think that’s the best part about writing a song in a short amount of time is that it’s so true and real to what comes out of your heart and soul and you don’t have time to perfect it or overthink it. 

Then we just sprinkled a little over the song and we called it good haha. 

Your sound within “Peaches & Cream” really brings in this ambient indie/alternative side through your filtered and captivating vocals. Seeing as your sound is so broad, what sort of musical influences might have had an impact on Sadboy hour’s sound? 

We love all genres, I’d say we get our inspiration from everywhere. There’s no one specific style we’re stuck to.

We’ve heard that Sadboy hour releases whatever sound/track you conjure up within an hour. What pulled the two of you into this unique creative process? Will this be a running theme with your upcoming releases?

We both already have current projects I (Jordan from electro-pop duo HOFFEY) and Erfy an electronic artist known as Born Human. It started out with Erfy reaching out to Jordan to collab on a song. From there we got connected and started making music together. Both of us had similar feelings in the pressure music can give to an artist, constantly left overthinking. So we started sad boy hour because we wanted a space to create freely where we wouldn’t spend too much time overthinking songs and production. 

What's next for you?

We have another single releasing July 10th called “don’t cry now”. We plan to release a single every month. For us, sadboy hour is a fun place to write & release music carefree, so if people are listening & resonating with the songs then that’s just a bonus! 



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