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Get to Know the Master of Electro House Music, DJ Bander

Since his successful start in the music industry ten years ago, DJ Bander has carved out a propitious niche within the industry. Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, DJ Bander began playing the piano as a young child and moved on to performing and composing his own musical productions. He took his musical aspirations to the west coast and received comprehensive music composition training from BAM, USC, and Musician's Institute in Los Angeles.

This top 100 charting artist, producer, and DJ has received considerable notoriety for his incredible talents in the electronic music genre. Over the years, DJ Bander has gained recognition for his ability to showcase his diverse musical soundscape. Creating music that showcases everything from deep and soulful tech-house to rough electro bangers and euphoric progressive house anthems, DJ Bander has proven himself to be a pioneer and leader in the electronic music arena.

BUZZMUSIC isn't the only entertainment community singing his praises. In 2019 DJ Bander saw two of his songs place in the top 100 on Beatport, one of which, his titled track "NASA," made it in the top 50. These rankings were featured in Fox News, Business Insider, and ABC News. We cannot wait to see what 2020 brings for DJ Bander.

Discover DJ Bander's latest Hit "Asymptomatic" here.



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