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Get to Know the Minds Behind Algorhythm

Algorhythm isn't your regular rock band. Their progressive sound is formed by its five accomplished professional musicians, founded by previous Maestro of the USSR Symphony-Jazz National Orchestra, Alexandar Lioubimenko. Born with the love and gift for music Lioubimenko was the youngest musician to pass the McGill Conservatory of Music office exam, at the young age of 7. His father's love of progressive rock dominated his household growing up, and his professionally trained ear fused with American rock and roll to create Algorhythm's sound. Influences of progressive rock giants from the '70s play a large roll in the band's sound, yet the group's love and connection to the jazz genre are just as important and play a pivotal role in developing their original pieces.

Dominating themes of crime, corruption, justice, freedom, and space govern the subject matter in Algorhythm's songwriting process. Together with each member, skillfully adapts their formidable skills and perfects each element of the song. Drummer Greg Kustka-Tsimbidis and bassist Marc Scott lay the rhythmic foundation. Guitarist Marc-Gabriel Laverrière creates harmonious melodies that provide an atmosphere to the piece. Woodwind player Hugo Leclerc explores adventurous sounds that are showcased expertly within their creations. Finally, keyboardist and vocalist Alexander Lioubimenko oversee the entire creative process that displays the groups' passionate and exciting music.

Get to know Algorhythm for yourself and stream “Collections” here.



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