Get to know the Real Nitasha Randhawa on Her Self-Titled, Debut EP

Nitasha Randhawa is an electro-pop musician hailing from Toronto, Canada. Born in Italy to an Italian mother and Indian father, she grew up falling in love with music from different parts of the world. Moving to Canada as a young girl, she quickly involved herself in local musical theatre which eventually led her to the creation of writing her own songs.

With the release of her self-titled debut EP, “Nitasha Randhawa” upon us, the collection of songs comes to us in conjunction with a talented team of musicians. Heard across the three tracks we hear the sounds of musicians Baleine, Def Starz, and Sebastien Gauvin, while the engineering components are handled by Grammy award-winning Alex Jarvis, and Bollywood producer Maninder Dogra.

Leaping into the vibrant charisma that trickles hues of illumination from the EP’s first record, we get the pleasure of taking a trip through the nostalgic sounds of “Feel Less Shy.” The mesmerizing dance ambiance sweeps us into a time warp of sounds that pulsate through your speakers along with the lavish harmonies that Nitasha Randhawa performs. Her vocals carry a sultry essence to the empowering nature that cements her unforgettable timbres into the composition with mass dynamism. Setting a vivacious tone as the words she croons leave us fully immersed in her gravitational pull, Nitasha Randhawa has us eager to further explore the contents found on her self-titled EP.

Asking an important question to her audience as she eases us into the atmospheric realm of “Spaces,” Nitasha Randhawa takes to a personal narrative that has us reflecting on what we truly value in this lifetime. The complexity lies in the production elements as the call and response essence before she leaps into her second verse has us feeling as if the question of ‘do you?’ is directed directly to us. Grasping onto the passion that pours from the vessel that is her being, Nitasha Randhawa leaves us awestruck with the almost ethereal atmosphere she conjures up on this particular track.

Bringing this project to its final moments with the funk-fueled quintessence of “Real Love,” we’re taken by storm with this animated transition. Playing into the buoyant hues that are radiated from instrumentation so bubbly in its ways that we can’t help but to get out of our seats, Nitasha Randhawa has us over the moon with “Real Love.” Emitting her fierce persona in a manner that’s authentic to her, we feast on the confidence that surges from a composition like this. Holding the power to invite us into an effervescent universe that shapes her world as we see it, we admire the fact that Nitasha Randhawa didn’t hold back on th