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Get to Know the Story Behind Point5 and His Latest Single "Crazy Faith"

Welcome to BuzzMusic! Tell us a little bit about your stage name! What’s the story behind “Point5”? It’s actually kind of funny because it’s just a nickname I have had since I was a child. I am mixed (half black and half white), but not everyone could tell, so it sort of became an identity for me and the name just stuck with me throughout the years.

You have had a very impressive decade behind you! What was the highlight and how does this shape what's in store for Point5?  Honestly, there isn’t just one moment that’s a highlight. I do what I do because of the consistent impact my God-given gift has on the lives of people. Every song, every show, every life transformed is equally “highlightable”. I am just thankful for every opportunity to do what I love and to help other people through my music. 

We really enjoyed your single “Crazy Faith”. How would you describe your creative process behind this record? In terms of creativity, I don’t really decide I’m going to make music or schedule studio sessions. My songs are typically birthed out of time in God’s presence. I didn’t want to make music for God, I wanted him to make music through me. These moments happen when listening to a message, reading the Word, worshipping, etc. It could really be at any moment, but I sort of just get this diving inspiration and go with it!  What inspired you to write this single?  “Crazy Faith” was one written by inspiration of Michael Todd’s infamous 20-week Crazy Faith series. It considered all the obstacles yet, demands a “stepping-out-of-the-boat” kind of lifestyle.  What are you looking forward to the most out of this year in 2020? What can we expect to see from you? Just Increase. Greater glory. For the first time in my career, I’m more consistently releasing music throughout the entire year. (Releasing 1 single each month in 2020). When you’re already doing a great thing & you love what you do, all you can really ask for is an opportunity to do more of it.

Stream Point5's "Crazy Faith" on Spotify.



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