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Get Up And Dance With All The Locals Track “Some Days Gotta Go”

Blood may relate people to each other, but bonds are what make them a family—such is the story of All The Locals. Based in Atlanta, All The Locals are a six member group who can be described as“Soulternative”. They’re all about bringing people together with their music and creating a community that truly represents Atlanta to the core. They have a bluesy back bone, an authentic southern grit, rock n roll hearts and soul-filled lyrics written by John Schmarkey.  The ambitious group is always performing new venues, festivals, and recording new material. All The Locals is currently traveling the world in support of their new EP “Another Way To Breathe” that is available everywhere. This four track EP includes All The Locals previously featured singles “Miss” and “Fighting For” and the upbeat funky groove “Some Days Gotta Go”.

“Some Days Gotta Go” is an alternative funk/dance track that will get you out of your seat. Upbeat piano, catch riffs and the addicting horns will have you dancing throughout the entire song. “Some Days Gotta Go” is a party anthem about never wanting a great night to end, but you can’t stop the inevitable. This track will have you “dancing like the world is gonna end” as ATL belts out heartfelt lyricism. I love that you really can’t plug “Some Days Gotta Go” into one specific genre. It bends so many sounds together includes a face-melting guitar solo over top of horns at about 2:35. Rock n roll to the core and never taking their foot off the gas pedal, All The Locals continue their successful climb to the top. Check out the entire EP “Another Way To Breathe” on all streaming platforms and keep up with All The Locals for upcoming releases and shows!

Listen to “Some Days Gotta Go” here and read more below in our exclusive interview!

Welcome back All The Locals! What have you all been up to since the release of your new EP “Another Way To Breathe”?

Since the release in March, we have been on the road performing, promoting, gearing up for upcoming shows, and even writing new tunes. We recently built a studio outside of Atlanta to further control our production. It never stops. We make it happen for ourselves, along with our team that works with us and of course our fans! The art and its process are what inspire us, especially when it transpires into a listeners’ ear and out of their mouth with the lyrics you wrote. However, the biz behind the music can not be neglected, you gotta stay on top of opportunities. Often the most talented or interesting artists can get drowned out just because they don’t have big companies on their shoulders.

We love this upbeat track! Tell us more about “Some Days Gotta Go”

This track was the most natural and fun tune to produce on the latest EP. It was recorded purely, with the full band in a room playing to each others vibe. This track is what inspired us to bring horns and brass back into our sound. Our buddies from Misnomer Sound (brass soul band outta Athens, Ga, formerly horns for Futurebirds, etc), literally showed up to the studio two days of notice to lay down what you hear. The sound had a groove at the beginning that was infectious to the audience when we would improv it at live shows, so we had to set it in stone for our listeners.

Side note: you ever heard the classic 90’s song (yes 90’s are classic now ;) ‘Closing Time,’ by Semisonic? Well we wanted to write another upbeat song based on the idea that “its time to get the hell out of the bar, were closed!’ Hence the line in the song “its 4am on Monday, some days gotta go”. Often when we are playing on the road in clubs, we see the lights come on at 2am and there is still that group of folks that want to continue like its 10pm on Friday. This song is an ode to the Sunday scaries, knowing that the new week is right around the corner and you gotta face the music..

What do you want your listeners to take away from your music?

We want this song to make you clap and dance. Enjoy every moment when you’re out having fun with your friends, because time flies and monday is ‘round the corner.

Did you make any major changes to “Some Days Gotta Go” once you were in the recording studio, lyrically or sonically?

Not really, we always had the vision and meaning behind the song. The song came together quickly, Ty had the perfect guitar leads, Glenn was pocket god on bass fills, Mikey laid the bed, and Justin could play that beat alone and make ya dance. Perhaps the horn section parts in the mix were the last puzzle piece. We wanted to keep this song as organic and natural, like any good funk/pop tune. We might often end our set with the song, especially if it is after midnight ;)

How do you feed your passion for making music everyday?

Music has always been a best friend to us growing up in the south. We craft it, pay for it, travel for it, read about it, and continue to learn everyday. Nothing has changed. There are downsides though, sometimes the biz can backfire. However, nothing is better than seeing someone you’ve never met, buy a ticket to your show on a weekday and sing along with you!


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