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Get Uplifted And Empowered By Jeane Marie, Her New Single “Chanel 22” Is Out Now!

Jeane Marie is an entertainer, actress, singer, and model of Lebanese/Brazilian descent. Standing at 5’11, Jeane Marie knows what it is to stand tall and be a beacon of empowerment and confidence for woman alike. At the age of 14, she became an outspoken advocate for women's empowerment and self-love, authoring the book “Footsteps to Confidence”. Jeane Marie has used her fluency in English, Arabic, Portuguese and Spanish to spread the power of self-esteem for Palestinian refugees in Lebanon, Girl Scouts all over the U.S., and at-risk girls in a Miami prison-reform program. Jeane’s music is catchy, uplifting, and extremely successful. Take one listen and you’ll see why!

“Chanel 22” is a spectacular crossover between R&B, hip-hop, and urban-pop. “Chanel 22” is a groovy, sultry piece from Jeane Marie that we’re jamming out to on repeat. Performed confidently, the seductive bassline keeps things crisp and fresh. Each verse lays out a tad more detail, never too much so as to ruin the laid-back charm of the music, and always things resolve slowly but surely back to the slightly fuller sound of that hook. “Chanel 22” presents a calming, classic ambiance and a romantic sense of togetherness as it gently pours through. Featuring a generally well-arranged instrumental set-up, the track is quick to excite the listener and creates a level of nostalgia with the seductive tones of yesteryear.

I highly recommend you check out “Chanel 22” and keep scrolling to read more with Jeane Marie!

Welcome to BuzzMusic Jeane! What prompted you to first start recording your music?

I started singing when I was 3 years old and I never stopped. I realized during college that I didn’t want to work for anyone so I started recording music and it’s the best job ever!


How do you get started when writing a new song?

First I meditate, eat an Açaí bowl and drink an iced coffee then I’m ready to write about life experiences in a way that’s authentic yet relatable. I prefer to write everything on paper, it feels better but if I’m at the airport I’ll just use my notes app in my phone.


Chanel 22” offers a mellow groove and a notably delicate ambiance that lets the song’s story-line stand out quite distinctly. How did you come to write this song, and what does it mean to you?

This song came to me as I entered a new relationship ..I was missing him on the plane ride from LAX to MIA and the lyrics started flowing to me so easily because it was exactly what I felt at that moment. When I got back to LA I sang it to him and since he’s a producer/engineer he gave me a beat and it means a lot to me to be able to create with someone I’m in love with.

Who or what would you say inspires you the most to pursue and put your time and passion into music?

I’ve tried so many things in life and I feel the happiest when I sing. Singing increases serotonin levels and prevents anxiety. It is my creative release but also keeps me mentally balanced. I made a promise to myself when I was young that I would never work a 9-5 job , I promised myself that I would follow my dreams and my heart.

What’s next for you?

More music, more content! 

I have a new song coming out on October 1st called “So I ASK YOU” and it will be in a Netflix series (I can’t say which one yet) before 2020! I’m ecstatic! The music video for Chanel 22 releases October 22nd. 


Keep up with Jeane Marie through her socials:

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