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Get Whisked Away With Shawn Nelson and Marita Gomsrud's Rendition of, "Slow It Down"

Two Los Angeles-based artists have teamed up to bring forth a striking rendition of The Lumineers, “Slow It Down.”

Singer and songwriter, Shawn Nelson keeps his inspiration flowing through wise words like “Get enough good energy in one room, and you can light the world.” Having a unique sound, heavily rooted in Folk, Blues, Classic Rock n’ Roll, and old Country, Shawn Nelson is eager to get his music career in gear.

Collaborating with singer, songwriter and instrumentalist, Marita Gomsrud, Shawn Nelson enthusiastically jumped on the opportunity to work with longtime friend and respected musician. Marita Gomsrud has been venturing into the sweet genre of Folk music since before she can remember. Wildly motivated to create through nature and life experiences, Marita Gomsrud emanates her influences into the music that she crafts.

“Slow it Down,” retains the intertwined piano by Dave Mackay and prevailing strings performed by Isaiah Gage, allowing the song to come to life with a striking heartbeat submerging us in vitality. The slow tempo of the instrumentation washes over you like an elusive blanket of security.

As you sink into your seat in order to take in the full capacity of, “Slow It Down,” you’re brought into a whimsical ambiance that leaves you starry-eyed and full of hope through the struggles. Touching on elements of various loves that come and go, we hear themes of reminiscing through the memories once shared with someone who meant the world to us; or perhaps still does despite the series of events that took place.

Both Shawn Nelson and Marita Gomsrud outdo themselves in the brilliant display of their vocals through an emotion-fueled performance in this ballad. The manner in which they complement one another has us wishing for more collaborations from the dynamic duo’s talents.

As much as this song is a cover by The Lumineers, we feel that they offer up honest sentiments that pour into, “Slow It Down,” in order to make it their own. As we are fully immersed in a fresh atmosphere, we plunge into the breathtaking journey that provides us sonic comfort in the form of Shawn Nelson and Marita Gomsrud.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Shawn Nelson and Marita Gomsrud! Congratulations on the release of your striking duet and cover of, “Slow It Down.” Could you please share with us how you two came to collaborate on this particular song?

Releasing a duet with Shawn Nelson has always been a dream of mine. I’ve always been a huge fan of his beautifully raw and honest music. He’s been such a supporter of my journey in finding my voice and playing music. If it wasn’t for Shawn asking me to join him at open mics or onstage at The Hotel Cafe I’m not sure where I’d be musically. I’m very thankful for our friendship.

How was it working with Dave Mackay and Isaiah Gage in order to bring this body of work to life?

Working with Dave Mackay and Isaiah Gage was a total dream. I feel very grateful to have had such exceptional artists help us bring this track to life.

Isaiah did an amazing job producing and arranging the track from beginning to end including adding his magical cello. All of that helped us create a truly unique version of such a well-known song Isaiah also connected us with Dave.

Dave did an amazing job with the mix in keeping it real, natural, and beautifully imperfect. He didn’t over “digitize” it, and was gracious enough to lend his beautiful piano playing to the track. His musical influence shines through everywhere.

What does the original tune of, “Slow It Down,” mean to both of you individually and as a collective?

I’ve always loved The Lumineers and the song “Slow It Down “ felt fitting for what was going on within and without. We live in such a hectic reality, I felt the song encompassed the journey I was going through and I thought others would resonate with it too as they grappled with re-remembering what truly matters in life which, I believe, is nurturing our own hearts and the hearts of others and connecting with one another and nature.

From your first release to now, how have you both been able to grow as artists through your artistic journey in the industry?

This being the very first release I feel has given me the confidence and knowledge that I can actually make something. It has given me the courage to be brave and continue to explore writing and working on original songs. This was such a great way to dip my feet in and now I’m really excited to dive in full force.

What can we expect to see from both of you throughout 2021?

I have a few original songs coming with the amazing cellist/songwriter Isaiah Gage coming very soon.



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