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Get Wrapped Up in Heartbreak with David J

Rotterdam, NY-born David J is taking country music by storm at the mere age of 18 years old. Initially inspired to pick up a guitar and write songs from an early age, Daniel J’s first musical inspiration came from watching Justin Bieber: Never Say Never.

After the release of his most recent single “Lost My Heartbreak,” the rising country music star has seen continued success with the chart-topping sensation. Once we took the time to dissect the record, and truly submerge ourselves in the colossal universe that David J has cast out to listeners far and wide, we began to see the reasons for his success compiling into notable elevation.

From the crisp, and soothing tenors that his heartfelt croons deliver, you feel a warmth grasp hold of you and pull you directly into a blanket of comfort. “Lost My Heartbreak,” carries on trademarks of a true country music hit.

Beginning with the advancing notions that the musical elements take throughout the verses, to the dramatic plunge we take into the anthemic chorus, we get to feel the well-rounded experience of David J through a song that evokes emotion in a major way. Focusing on each tightly knit percussion pattern that soars through the instrumentation as it’s accompanied by the performance of crunchy guitar riffs, there are many realizations that we come to as we circle back to this track several times later.

David J is on the brink of mastering a mature sound that takes us on our own sonic exploration within ourselves. For only being 18 years old, to receive such a brilliant relatability factor with the release of his debut pieces proves that David J is a treasure that needs your attention immediately.

Welcome to BuzzMusic David J, and congratulations on all of the success your latest single, “Lost My Heartbreak,” has been seeing. Was there any part of you that knew this single would be seeing the iTunes Country Chart when you went on to release it?

Thank you!! The day we wrote this song we knew it was going to be something special. I remember us at lunch after the write listening back to the work tape and we just looked at each other and knew this had a chance to be something great. The fans were a huge part in making the song do as well as it did I couldn’t have done it without them.

What was the ultimate story that inspired you to delve into this heartfelt sector of yourself for this record? Did you find tapping into this part of yourself fairly easy to do?

I wouldn’t say there was a specific moment that we wrote the song about. I’d say it was a combination of all our experiences put together in the room but there may have been a girl in mind. I did not find it easy because I am not good at talking about my feelings so to write a song like this challenged me and I was grateful for that. Writing about such mature subjects, do you ever find that you forget you’re still blooming in your youth at 18 years old? Do you find that you may get this from friends and family as well?

Sometimes I do forget how young I am because every day I am working with adults much older than me so I forget sometimes that I’m only 18. I’ve had to grow up fast in this career because I was always so focused on working hard and never went and hung out with friends a lot. I knew one day all the hard work would start to pay off. What is your mission statement as an artist?

My mission statement would be if you want to do something that is your dream then work hard at it and those dreams will one day start to come true. All the sleepless nights and working when you don’t feel like it will pay off in the end.


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