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Get Wrapped Up In Tai Smoove's, "Dangerous Games"

New York artist Tai Smoove has built a buzz along with a solid fan base. His music is diverse, making songs in several genres including Hip Hop, R&B, Pop, Dancehall, and even EDM.

With growing notoriety, Tai Smoove has had his best streaming numbers of his career surpassing 30,000 streams in 2020 alone. Not only does he make music he also prides himself on creating his own content with photos and videos shot and edited by himself which makes him even more valuable as an artist. He is the vision.

The lush soundscape of simmering emotion remains prominent in his newly released single, “Dangerous Game.” Showcased on his 2021 album release of ‘Heart In The Sand,” we hear Tai Smoove implementing a brilliantly balanced concoction of contemporary R&B that greets Hip-hop tenors.

Tai Smoove has us cast into an effervescent spectrum of the two genres colliding. With the smooth notions that are propelled forward by a chorus so mind-altering, we can’t help but latch onto Tai Smoove’s vocal performance with a spellbound headspace.

There’s an irrefutable charisma that drips from each style he offers to his audience. As the alluring essence of the chorus lingers on your mind, the transition that Tai Smoove makes when bringing a dark approach to his emcee-like verses is rather extraordinary.

Touring us through the amplification of a heated summertime anthem, “Dangerous Game,” tiptoes into a narrative about the dangers that love can bring to those who choose to play into the game. Exuding a display of the versatile artistry he conveys best, Tai Smoove takes this record to newfound heights.

Wrapping around his finger, or better yet around the repeat button, “Dangerous Game,” has us plunging into the creative spectrum that Tai Smoove excels in.

The sounds heard in “Dangerous Game,” redefine the meaning of a summertime anthem. With such a vulnerable approach to lyricism, was there a particular moment or story that inspired this record?

I definitely used past situations and relationships to inspire the record; just knowing love is literally a dangerous game and that we’ve all been on the losing side of in moments of our lives gave me the comfort to express my own experience with heartbreak and how I navigated that so yeah everyone is careful because love is truly a dangerous game!

What inspires you to create music in the various genres that you do? What do listeners have in store in terms of the sounds heard on ‘Heart In The Sand’?

I think just keeping my craft and skills in check and nurturing my diversity in writing music.. I really do feel I can tap in with multiple genres while never losing sight of what makes me, me.. just learning how to create different vibes for every ear

What would you say that “Dangerous Games” says about you as an artist and individual?

I would say dangerous game says that I’m human.. everyone and anyone can fall victim to heartbreak.. the highs and lows… don’t care what status or background you come from we can all empathize with the stress that comes with dealing with love and keeping a balance within you to not have this game break you.. says that I’m just like you going through the same obstacles in life!

How do you ensure that your vision is portrayed through everything that you do?

I think by being so hands-on with the process, not turning a blind eye, and really being involved with the creative process! I like to keep the work very homegrown and authentic.. getting my hands dirty!

What's next for you?

In the near future, my next goal will be touching stages. The world is opening up and I would love to just get in front of a crowd and really give a performance with my team and me.


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