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Get Your Dancing Shoes on With Dani Doucette's Groovy Single, "Craved"

Serving us thrills from all angles, the Toronto-based pop artist and singer-songwriter Dani Doucette releases her groovy sci-fi-inspired single, "Craved."

Launching her songwriting career at the mere age of 6, Dani Doucette later branched out into the fashion/modeling industry and walked for prominent brands on the world's largest runway for the Kols Foundation. Signing to MDC Music in 2020 led Dani Doucette's music career to new heights as she continues releasing music to treat our ears.

Touching on her latest exciting single, "Craved," Dani Doucette mentioned that she wanted the song to capture a gripping sci-fi feel while keeping listeners at the edge of their remote seats.

Speaking on her lyricism, Dani Doucette stated, "'Craved' is a catchy, upbeat song from the perspective of someone craving the desire of human touch."

Without wasting a split-second, "Craved" opens like the start of a new day with exhilarating synth arrangements that drop into the smooth-sailing beat. While Dani Doucette begins pouring her powerhouse and melodic vocals over the tune, she offers immense servings of lust and desire through her passionate delivery and sultry lyricism.

Moving towards the hook, crashing drum breaks meet our speakers alongside a glimmering synth arrangement, offering a stimulating sci-fi feel and tone. While Dani Doucette continues grooving to the dance-style beat, the addition of plucky electric guitars pierce the song with nothing but vibrance and heat while ending the track on the same exhilarating note.

Find yourself deep into the groove of Dani Doucette's thrilling single, "Craved," and watch out for the singer-songwriter as she continues blazing us with her powerful stylings throughout 2021.

We're lost in the heavy groove of your latest thrilling single, "Craved." What inspired the song's sci-fi feel and dancy vibe?

Honestly I just really love writing upbeat and danceable songs. I wanted this song to make people let go and just feel hot dancing to it. Feel sexy, flirtatious, and fun.

How did you come up with the concept for "Craved," surrounding someone who craves human touch?

Have you ever caught eyes with that one person you know is gonna be a lot of fun and maybe a lot of trouble? You get that electric feeling from them, or they just interest you to the point of no return? CRAVED was written about that. The silent internal desire we feel when we come across that someone. The concept was easy, it’s something I’ve felt and also seen, its human behavior.

Did you work with any producers or engineers when developing the lively sonic mood for "Craved?” How did the song's sonic creative process go about?

I started writing this song as a voice note on my phone. That’s where a lot of my ideas generally start. After meeting Thomas McKay, the producer and co-writer on this song, I sang him the initial idea and he really aligned with it. So the fun began!! We had such a cool time adding life to every part of this song. I love how in parts it reminds me of Britney Spears and in the chorus vocal delivery even MJ. Wasn’t the plan but we loved It and knew ”Craved” was special.

Do you usually create music that sends listeners searching for a dancefloor, similar to the upbeat and groovy sounds within "Craved?” Or would you say that your sound is rather explorative?

I love taking people on a journey. Whether that is a more chill track or a club-room banger, music is all about the ability to make someone feel and stay engaged. My favorite way to do that is to make someone shake it lol, however, to have the same kind of effect in the quieter moments can be just as impactful. I’d like to say I’m always exploring, trying to find that next thing that will make people think, feel, dance, heal.


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