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Get Your Dose of "Dopamine" With SUVI and Parimal Shais' Latest Single

The Los Angeles-based Singer/Songwriter and DJ SUVI release a dynamic Hip-Hop track with her latest single, "Dopamine."

When it comes to SUVI's music, her sound is undoubtedly recognized anywhere as she pours her South Indian heritage into her vocal scales and supporting rhythm. SUVI has shaped her sound to be vastly dynamic for many audiences to get down with.

Through her latest collaboration piece titled "Dopamine," we're able to see the talented likes of SUVI and Parimal Shais come together to serve a heated mix of Hip-Hop and South Indian rhythm with a sincere and relatable message on top.

"Dopamine" opens with strong brass instrumentation and light tambourine. As SUVI's powerful vocals appear delivering an ode to her culture through astonishing vocal scales, she quickly jumps into this Americanized Hip-Hop flow that took us by surprise. The surrounding production from Parimal Shais offers this exhilarating sensation through tight Hip-Hop production that perfectly supports SUVI's dominant and empowering bars.

While ending the song off with SUVI's sweet vocals singing lyrics in her native tongue, we're genuinely captivated with her overall performance.

Coming together to share their celebrated cultural experiences through music, SUVI, and Parimal Shais' latest single "Dopamine" allows listeners to get out of an aching place and bask at the moment they were given.

We can't get enough of your dynamic and energetic single, "Dopamine." Regarding the song's inspiration, why did you choose to make the song so lively seeing as it's about your battle with depression?

Well, thank you! When a baby is crying because it’s hungry, we don’t let the baby starve to deal with the hunger… Then why when we are hungry for hope and light are we not feeding our souls with the strength to climb out of that hole…. Dopamine is the rope you need to climb up, it's the nourishment for your broken and love-hungry soul, it's the ticket to catch the flight to your dreams. I don’t see the song written any other way to be able to provide all of that. It’s carefully put together with the energy and intention of all things great; a beat that will make you move -since I believe action/activity is key to come out of depression; a melody that will get stuck in your head; a mantra that’s an embodiment of universal higher-consciousness and words that speak straight to the soul. 

Seeing as Producer Parimal Shais and yourself both hail from South India, did your creative process for "Dopamine" flow easier? Was there any sort of chemistry between the two of you that helped your process?

Art should flow. When the flow is disrupted the art is disrupted. But I also believe that creativity is bigger than all of us and the only thing that can disrupt the process is ego, which I have had the first-hand experience with a lot of people in the past. This is because creative people are mostly also very insecure people because our society isn’t a conducive space for us. It is competitive and toxic. This has made me very choosy when It comes to who I work with. Very few artists have found the confidence and faith in themselves despite the society we live in who understand the collective good of the work you do sans drama. I only have a desire to create something that exhibits purity. Parimal is one other soul and even though we worked on this project from 10,000 miles apart, our energies were so in sync with the flow of the project.

Regarding your bars and lyrics within "Dopamine," how did you go about merging different languages into your lyrical content? Do you feel that this gives you a step ahead for garnering a broader fanbase?

When I wrote Dopamine, I completely released myself from any expectations. Without any second guesses, I just followed my intuition. This allowed me to manifest things that I grew up with as part of my culture, for instance, Tamil is the language I spoke growing up, Sanskrit is in my DNA and I even use the English that the colonizers left me to tell the story of my peoples' struggles to the world.

Concerning your overall brand as an artist, what should listeners associate you with? What do you tend to represent and stand for in your music that speaks a greater message?

At the end of the day, I want the takeaway from my music to be hope, compassion, and faith in oneself.  I'm no superhuman nor am I perfect, so I believe my branding represents every human on this earth. This is my strength. I use my music to tell stories from the perspective of honesty through words because that's our only true weapon. My brand stands for realness and inclusion exemplified through my music!

This year has been extremely difficult for the music industry. What has been your biggest source of inspiration while creating new music this year?

I understand that Music as we know it today is part of an industry and a very stressful yet profitable one when you make it. But I fail to attach myself to this ideology…. Music is far above just an industry. Music is food for the soul. So when it is not pristine it leaves one tainted. So many talented musicians have been at the receiving end of this because profit makes the big leagues forget about that inherent purity. Sometimes, all we need is a pen, paper, and a piano to write your stream of thoughts into melodies and words. We don’t need a whole industry telling us what to do. Financially, I understand a lot of us were hit by the pandemic but to me, I am only seeing this as an opportunity to go back to the drawing board and make the music business more about the music and less about the business to maintain its sanctity. And when it comes from this place, everything else you need will follow. Stop worrying so much about the industry. It comes and goes but the song remains forever!



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