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Get Your Dose Of Empowerment With Ksenia’s New Single, “Ferrari”

Russian pop recording artist and singer-songwriter Ksenia returns with a vibrant, fun, empowering new single for the ladies entitled "Ferrari."

Ksenia's previous releases clearly indicate that she shows no signs of slowing down. Taking 2022 by the horns, Ksenia is ready to wrap listeners into her award-winning tunes. The musician, actress, and influencer always leaves her audience swooned with her bubbly approach to pop music and conceptual, relatable lyrics.

Produced by Mario Marchetti (Demi Lovato, JoJo), Ksenia's new single, "Ferrari," is a lively pop anthem that empowers women left and right. "Everyone wants to date a hot ambitious, successful girl, but not everyone has what it takes to be with one," says Ksenia about the new single. She hopes to encourage women to never lower their standards and understand they are a "Ferrari."

Hopping into "Ferrari," the tune kicks into gear with upbeat and chiming keyboard melodies that drop into an exciting pop beat with powerful drums and the grooviest bassline. Ksenia's playful and exciting vocal stylings remind listeners that not everyone is fit to drive a Ferrari, perfectly representing that she's a different kind of lover.

We love the overall happy and confident feel of this single; it's the perfect pick-me-up and reminds women to never lower their standards for anyone. Ksenia's sonics and production keep our heads bopping while she encourages ladies everywhere to know their worth and never settle for anything less. We really appreciate such an empowering tune, especially from an artist as talented as Ksenia.

Get it in gear and rev your engines to Ksenia's exciting new banger, "Ferrari," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic, Ksenia. We adore the empowering theme and concept within your new single, "Ferrari." What inspired you to write a song about never lowering your standards?

I drew my inspiration from my and my friends' tendencies. Why do we always underestimate ourselves? I don't get it. We work so hard on being perfect; yoga, therapy, talents, looks, and then let some dude with no job treat you badly? What? i\If you wanna be with a cool chick and be a cool dude, make an effort! The end.

What was it like working with producer Mario Marchetti for "Ferrari?" How did he help execute your vision and ideas?

Working with Mario is so easy. He knows me very well and just gets me. I came up with an idea, and he made it better. It helps that we have a similar sense of humor, so the song turned out to be exactly what I envisioned.

What do you hope the listener feels and takes away from the new tune, "Ferrari?" What impact did you want to leave on your audience?

I think the song is entertaining and fun, and the message is clear, so just a little reminder, ladies, do not lower your standards for anyone, please, cuz' you're a freaking FERRARI.

Why did you decide to take a break from your usual comical and humorous tunes with "Ferrari?" Why did you want to create a more serious and honest song this time around?

I am exploring this humorous direction at the moment. I let my personality come through every song, I think the world needs light and positivity, and I want to keep going in that direction.

What's next for you?

The next single is called "tiny little dick guy," and it is about dudes who put women down. I have an important message for these dudes- get ready. Stay tuned!


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