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Get Your Dose of Inspiration with MAYBE MAY's, "Survive, Satellite"

By way of Mississauga, Canada, the blistering rock band and trio MAYBE MAY reminds us to seek the light at the end of the tunnel with their emotionally charged single, "Survive, Satellite."

Founded by Demetrius, Rian, and Vitaly, MAYBE MAY are known for their heavy instrumentation merged with sublime melodies and lyricism that touches on loss, love, and betrayal. With four EPs under their belt, thousands of streams, and a great deal of radio airplay, MAYBE MAY is bound to land in your speakers one way or another.

Produced/engineers by JUNO Award-winning Kevin Dietz and masted by Noah Mintz, MAYBE MAY's latest infectious single, "Survive, Satellite," leaves anyone with a sense of rejuvenation and reflection. "The song calls the listener to keep pushing forward when faced with life's challenge, with the bigger picture in mind," says singer-songwriter and guitarist Demetrius.

Plunging into "Survive, Satellite," the track opens with guitarist/vocalist Demetrius' heavy guitar riffs and his powerful belt, reminding us to keep pushing through the long nights. As Vitaly's punchy drum breaks appear alongside Rian's thick bassline, MAYBE MAY switches up their tempo and brings us into a refreshing sonic atmosphere through their punk-rock approach.

We're genuinely impressed by the tight and precise instrumental delivery from MAYBE MAY; their tempo changes and transitions are truly impeccable, so much so that they keep us engaged and locked into each moment they grace our speakers with. As MAYBE MAY makes their way to the melodic and energetic outro, they remind us that life's not over until we're six feet below.

Allow MAYBE MAY's recent single, "Survive, Satellite," to be your beacon of hope towards a brighter day. Find the sweltering single on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, MAYBE MAY. We're incredibly excited to chat with you about your latest gripping single, "Survive, Satellite." What inspired your group to write a song that reminds listeners of hope and to keep pushing forward? Thanks, BuzzMusic – you guys are the coolest! Behind the scenes, we’ve been blessed as a band as well as individuals & I suppose our music is the outward reflection of that. In the past few years, have written a lot of positive lyrics & given the state of the world lately, more positivity in music can’t hurt right? Regarding your band's creative process for "Survive, Satellite," what was it like working with producer Kevin Dietz? How did he bring your visions to life? Kevin is a gem, even though he doesn’t like Blink182 – putting that aside, working with him has been a blast! He has been on some really cool projects in the past so we were thrilled that he decided to give us attention. His laid-back playful nature made us really enjoy the studio process & bring our vision to life quite organically. Check him out at What did your mastering process look like when working alongside Noah Mintz for "Survive, Satellite?" What was your experience like? If you’re in Canada, there’s 2…maybe 3 people that everyone goes to for mastering - Noah is on top of that list, having mastered songs by the biggest artists around. It was a real smooth experience with Noah putting that finesse on our songs like we’ve never had before. Does your band usually cook up singles/projects that inspire the listener, similar to "Survive, Satellite?" Are songs like this a solid example of the music you tend to create? We haven’t always had an obvious ‘positive spin’ or ‘inspirational message’ in our songs but it’s certainly a direction we’ve gone in as of late. Last year, we released a collaborative single that addressed the rise in people’s needs due to the pandemic, raising money for the local food bank. Our songs this year & next will focus on mental health issues & challenges. If we can give people something a bit more meaningful than just a catchy tune, we’re all about it! Sound-wise, we tend to dabble in a bit of hard rock, pop-punk & even acoustic stuff. What's your favorite release of 2021 so far, from an independent artist you admire? Everyone needs to check out LIVING DEAD GIRL, with who we played our last gig with in April 2020. Their debut album comes out next month & they have a couple of killer videos/singles out. For more,

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